Windows XP Service Pack 2 causing major headaches on college campuses

“Microsoft Corp.’s decision to release a major upgrade for its flagship operating system in the same month that hundreds of thousands of students are reporting to college campuses across the nation is causing a major headache for the higher education community,” Brian Krebs reports for The Washington Post. “‘The timing is extremely unfortunate,’ said Anne Agee, deputy chief information officer at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., whose school is blocking automatic installation of SP2 on all faculty and staff computers because the update interferes with software that the university uses to run faculty PCs.”

“Other schools across the country are taking similar action… Computers running Windows XP that are not updated with SP2 will be more susceptible to catching and spreading Internet worms and viruses on the school networks, even in the short span of time it takes to download and install the latest updates,” Krebs reports.

Full article here.


  1. Use Safari and set “Block pop-up windows” from the Safari menu.

    No blinking ads here, zilch, nothing. Not hard to do: just the article and the posts.

    Comment on the article: SP2, the most blocked piece of software ever. Not even viruses are so actively blocked access EVER.

  2. Just ditch Windows. Look at it! It’s like something from the 80’s. Fer fucks sake, just get with the times and buy a Mac. Would you buy an engine from Ford and chassis from GM? Of course not! You buy the whole car from one company, cause they make them work to their maximum potential.

    Anyone who buys Windows doesn’t get any sympathy from me. Suckers.

  3. blinkin ads ?? They must be only for the Win-Trolls..

    If they used macs… they would know about Safari… and Pith Helmet ….. but then what can you expect from people who think theres only one browser on the planet ?? ….

    (oh.. do they still make Internet Exploader ? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” /> )

    Tell me, WinDoze users …. when are you going to get your next version of WinDoze ?? ….. Longhorn ?? .. Pul-eze !!

  4. I want a computer that plays games on top of everything else that computers do.
    I have one.
    Which OS is the most widely supported for games? Well that’s a no brainer.
    I have literally 100s (must be near 1000 by now) of commercial games for my XP PC. Show me how many of these games are available for a mac or linux???
    And no I don’t want a friggen console thanks.

  5. Mac just does not support the other 80% of the bad games made in the pc market. About 80% of the software made for pc in junk. Only about 20% is any good and alot of those came from the macintosh side to the windows side, like all of the adobe produces. But anyway I don’t believe an mac user would be dumb enouph to spend a thousand or more dollars on a gaming maching,lol. I use my ps2 for that, $200,lol. That’s why in every poll mac – users score higher on the IQ scale.

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