RUMOR: Apple to launch new products, iMac G5 next week at Apple Expo Paris

“Apple Computer is quietly preparing to launch new products next week as it prepares for a major presence at the Apple Expo Paris,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “AppleInsider has confirmed through multiple reliable sources that Apple is preparing to unveil new products early next week. The introductions are expected to begin appearing on the company’s website as early as Monday evening. While sources did not provide specifics of the announcements, it’s widely expected that Apple will finally introduce its all-new G5 iMac, which has been delayed since late June.”

Apple Expo – Paris is scheduled to open Tuesday, August 31st and run through September 4th.

Full article here.


  1. Hopefully this is finally Apple’s long-awaited wireless personal antigravity device. Gets its power off the Internet and fights crime with the Power of Positive Thought.

    Or whatever.

    Who freaking cares. Wake me up when it’s shipping.

  2. Let’s get excited once the prices are known.

    Something I read (dunno where… sorry) that the original iMac’s were much more popular than the current “lampshade” models.

    Gee, I wonder if it’s coz they went up quite a few hundred bucks?

    Wonder how these new ones will go if they’re even more expensive?

  3. They will be $450 USD. They will have 128 mb ram, a 700 mb Celeron processor, a 15″ CRT monitor, no usable programs and run XP home. They will become virus infested in 20 min. on the Internet.

    Oh! I thought this was DellDailyNews.

  4. Stop the presses! AI also reported they had “sketches” of the new imac several weeks ago but have failed to post them. The original iMacs were out for a longer time then the LCD versions. Indeed the original sold in larger quantities then the current iMac but market conditions were different. Apple has had much more success with iBooks and Powerbooks as consumers and schools have turned to laptops. The iMac is really a home/small business machine. The eMac for K-12 school labs. No matter, supplies will be constrained until the end of the year or until IBM gets yields up of the processors. Apple turned over all research on their anti-gravity device to Segway several years ago.

  5. “frogs”??!

    Really racially sensitive of you George. You neglected to mention the dagos and the wops. And don’t forget the huge market potential of Asia, what with all the chinks, nips and dotheads. Jeez.

  6. Ahhhhh, come on. Who wants to talk about computers? Can’t we go back to talking about Bush and Kerry? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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