.Mac members get free WingNuts, 25 percent off new AirBurst Extreme games

Apple is offering .Mac members a free download of WingNuts from Freeverse, offer good through November 10, 2004. “Enjoy WingNuts, the fast-paced arcade-style game by Freeverse that puts players in pursuit of a time-traveling airforce or robot places. Winner of a ‘5 mice’ rating from MacWorld magazine.”

In addition, Apple is offering .Mac members 25 percent off new AirBurst Extreme, offer good through November 10, 2004. “Get a special .Mac member discount on AirBurst Extreme from Freeverse. The sequel to the award-winning AirBurst is ‘a steriod-injected version of the original,’ said Inside Mac Games.”

More info on Apple’s .Mac “Member Benefits” webpage here.


  1. And they say there are no games for the Mac platform. Who needs Halo 2, when I can download WingNuts? Woohoo!! Take that, PC users!

    All kidding aside, .Mac isn’t what I would consider ‘feature rich’. Sure, that subscription to Virex is nice, although unnecessary so far, but the miniscule storage space is lame. I can hold ten times the amount of data on my gmail account, and that doesn’t cost a C-note every year…

  2. These are weak benefits of being a .mac member. Focus on functionality, not free giveaways. We definitely need more mail and idisk space! Come on, get with the times!!!!

  3. Supermac… I couldn’t agree with you more. I signed up for .mac in all the excitment – but I never use it. Will I renew in February?… I don’t think so.

    It has to be worth something to give them ten bucks a month.

    As it stands, I’d rather buy a sushi lunch every month – so that’s what I’m doing with the .mac money next year.

  4. I’ve been trying out .mac under a trial for the last month or so. There are some good features, but I agree with the others. I love iDisk, but I’m going to fill it almost instantly. The email memory isn’t a big deal as I keep my mail sorted and off the server. The web site is cool, but it’s also common, so why pay the $$? As I’ve gotten farther into the trial, I find that I’m using it less and less, making it more and more unlikely that I’ll give up any money for it.

  5. I was just looking through the benefits I’ll get with my DSL starting tomorrow:
    2 gb of mail, plus 100mb for up to 10 additional accounts;
    up to 760mb of online storage;
    a web site.
    I guess I’d better get ready to let people know my new address again. This will be the second change in 2 months after 7 years without a single change. Ah, the joys of shopping around.

  6. I have a .mac membership, i’m keeping with it, even though yahoo just gave me 100MB’s of space. I’m hoping Apple will update their storage space and then everything will be okay, i’m in no rush because I havn’t reached that limit yet. I will do soon because I have a few hundred photos I want backing up and displaying with the minimum of fuss.

    My membership gets renewed on September 18th, here’s hoping something is mentioned at the expo.

  7. “Focus on functionality, not free giveaways.”

    Well, free giveaways are nice too! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> Especially for those of us who are .Mac members already…. But you’re right … they could offer more useful services as well.

  8. I like my .Mac account. I store vital files there as well as some iSync items such as my AddressBook info and Safari bookmarks so when I am at a friend’s house, I can access that info quickly.

    But, most of all, I am not at a point in my life where I am all settled down and rooted to one particular 1/8th acre suburbia parcel of land as I am usually moving to new digs every few years as my jobs take me. As such, my Mac email and website is always in one location regardless of ISP or what part of the world I find myself. (I’m addicted to world travel! If you’re curious, I’m at http://homepage.mac.com/gmadigan/ for those that want a glimpse into the psycho world of “Aryugaetu”)

    It is nice that .Mac allows free temp emails to be easily and quickly set up, so now I have some junk email accounts for those websites that insist that you leave an email address. I have several, and I can now see who’s giving my info away. Once I get to much junk flowing in, I delete the account and start another.

    Besides, I like the idea that my .mac email and website indicate to others that I’m not a zombiod social lemming, and that I decide to march to my own GarageBand midi percussion loop. (Visit http://homepage.mac.com/gmadigan/FileSharing19.html to hear what is possible after just the first 3 hours with Garageband. It is created with just he supplied loops.)

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