Apple iPod killing Sony on its own turf; 6 of top 8 music players in Japan are iPod models

“When Sony Corp. President Kunitake Ando showed off the new Walkman meant to counter the assault by Apple’s iPod portable music player, he held the prized gadget at the gala event upside down,” Yuri Kageyama reports for The Associated Press. “That may have been a bad omen.”

“The iPod is proving a colossal hit on the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant’s own turf. The tiny white machine is catching on as a fashion statement and turning into a cultural icon in Japan, much the same way it won a fanatic following in the United States, Kageyama reports. “Although Apple doesn’t release regional sales figures, six of the top eight selling music players in Japan are iPod models, according to Gfk Japan, a market research company.”

“Its white earbuds are so well-known, just wearing them on Tokyo streets can make passers-by smile approvingly. iPod chat pervades Internet bulletin boards. The mini is such a hit it’s being offered as prizes in lotteries sponsored by drink and candy companies here,” Kageyama reports.

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  1. The iPod Mini is a complete flop. In fact, it’s never been in production, the whole thing is a smoke screen designed to try to fool people into believing Apple are back in the black. They are infact about to go bust. I am right, always right and never wrong. If you think I’m wrong, you’re wrong. I’m right.

  2. “They use a base 8 system in Japan?”

    Yeah, that’s why the Asian kids are so much better at math than Americans… and also why my ‘160 GB’ hard drive has a real world capacity of around 149.5 GB…

    Like the talking Barbie doll used to say, “Math is HARD!!”

  3. Come on guys, they use the same numbering system in Japan as everwhere else. Except the Martian Colonies or Rigel 4.

    Sony missed the boat. Apple did the combinatio of iTunes, iPod, iTMS just right. It’s working well and people are voting with their pocketbooks.

    Look at this. Sony gets ripped.

    Look at this. What’s the most popular iLife app?

    To compete, Sony and others need to offer better for less. That’s difficult to do, eh?

  4. So what? Windows rules in Nippon and will forever. When Longhorn hits the markets, goodby iTMS!

    Sputternik, no I mean Spitternuk, no I mean Spitnuk, no I mean Sputnik strikes again hee haw!

  5. Hey guys,

    Just cause I am a huge idiot a$$hole and a total Microsoft zealot fanboy and I STILL think that ITMS sucks even though it is a hit EVERYWHERE, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a valid point.

    Oh wait, I don’t. I am an a$$holoe.

  6. Mac360 is not a objective site when it comes to Apple products. The digital Walkman has been given bad reviews by the WSJ and other magazines…. and they actually were able to compare the two players and use them. Mac360 did not have a player to review.. they just listed the specs as provided to them by Sony and Apple. A bad and unreliable Mac site is just as bad as a poor Windows site such as the one Thrurott runs.

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