Switching from Windows to Mac OS X costs less than you think

“If you’re considering switching to a Mac, you’re probably wondering if you’ll need to buy a lot of new software,” Al Fasoldt writes for The Syracuse Post-Standard. “Maybe not. Apple’s OS X (pronounced “oh ess ten”) computers might not need extra software to do the tasks you want.”

“You don’t need any extra software if all you want to do is open Word documents. All OS X computers come with a competent word processor called Text Edit, and it knows how to deal with Microsoft Word documents. It will open them so you can read them, and it will save documents in Microsoft Word format, too,” Fasoldt writes. “What about e-mail? Apple’s OS X comes with a program called, appropriately, Mail. It’s excellent. It has a built-in spam filter and a built-in spelling checker. Apple’s Mail software can even group your mail by message topics, or threads. It lets you find replies you wrote to any message with a single click.”

Full article with more examples here.

More information about smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal here.


  1. tell me about backing up dvd movies in the finder, please. or point me to a link. can i just drag the contents of my dvd (after putting on the hard disk) to the dvd disc image?

  2. BillyG’s Significant Other says: “How am I supposed to be ‘productive’ at work without Pinball, Freecell and Solitaire?”

    That’s what the web is for, Bill.

  3. I am shocked that some one would compare Word to an “i” app called TextEdit.

    Apple is trying to show that their apps are as good or better then the offerings from My Great Provider (MS).

    We all know that applications like Word, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Media Player are the gold standard and used by everyone in the “real IT world” and are included free with the MS OS…

    …and the soon to be released Longhorn will only improve the market share MS has and improve the work flow and output of the users of Windows computers !

  4. hey Sputnik…. last time I checked.. Office wasn’t free for WIndows either..

    IF you’ve already paid for Office/xp.. don’t fell bad about switching.. you can download Office2004 for Mac on P2P…

  5. I would beg to differ with the article. Switching to OS X has cost me a fortune! As soon as I opened up iTunes I needed to buy an iPod. As soon as I played with GarageBand I needed to get to a music keyboard. As soon as I opened iChat I wanted to get an iSight. Soon after getting my PowerBook I wanted to get a G5 desktop. Now I need a 23″ or 30″ Cinema Display. Damn you, Apple, stop making such cool stuff!

  6. I use Appleworks and sometimes OpenOffice.

    Sorry, but I need to shout this. APPLEWORKS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OFFICE.

    And Appleworks also displays and prints text really badly. Shamefully badly. I thought my printer was screwed it was so bad.

    Appleworks WILL read and write some office files, but were talking basic domestic stuff. We’re not talking technical documents with sections and headings and headers and footer and tables and graphics. We’re talking about basic text only with a little bit of formatting. Anything more and while it might work if you’re lucky, you’d be crazy to rely on it.

  7. You wanna switch? PC users ALEADY HAVE A MONITOR!! How many times do people have to mention this?? I LUST after a G5 CUBE!! Did millions of users complain about INCLUDING A BASIC? A headless mac. How many people have said this? Once again, noone want’s it. ALL COMPUTER/TV HAVE FAILED (Steve Jobs). SO ONCE AGAIN….Apple intoduced the Apple II. NOONE BOUGHT IT! Apple NEVER introduced the mac…using money FROM THE APPLE II. You are NOT READING THIS BECAUSE APPLE NEVER USED THE MONEY FROM THE APPLE II TO MAKE THE MAC!!!

  8. Virus free huh? Doesn’t the computer have RECORD the virus onto DISK ???? (HD) Well in the days when the disc was an add on, you could simply DISCONECT THE DISK! NO RECORDING- NO VIRUS! A FACT. So if you could turn OFF THE disc then THERE WOULD BE NO VIRUS! A FACT! Well I hope SOMEONE has something to say about that.

  9. Ok Carl WW;
    I have “something to say about that”

    What the hell are you talking about??????????

    If I gather what you are saying, you want to use your own monitor… Ok, if you want to use an old monitor, fine , I tend to agree with you.

    The second post apparently has something to do with viruses, but what is your point?

    OSX doesnt have any, so what are you saying?

  10. Running viruses in VPC:

    Unfortunately, to be able to get most viruses in a VPC session, you have to turn OS X’s firewall off. An extra step that’s not needed on Windows (save XP+SP2).

    Even if you do turn the firewall off, VPC will take a good 20 min before a virus manages to get in. I know I tried (involontarily).

    DVD copying :

    Use Disk utility to make a disk image of the original DVD, take the original out, then use burn from disk image. (bi11Jon). Burning multiple sessions can also be done using Disk utility using the “Leave disc appendable” check box on the burn dialog. (see the online help)

    TextEdit not suitable for anything other than simple Word documents:

    True, and the author explained it so by first indicating cases where buying Office is the prefered choice : i.e Need to work on documents from your office. (hywel must have missed that part)

  11. How well will text edit work for teachers, businesspeople, etc? “Mail” is free; well, mail is free in the windows world too.

    “Switching from Windows to Mac OS X costs less than you think”

    That’s somewhat of a stretch, since it applies only to the most basic os uses.


    Let’s assume you’re a photog using Windows. You’d have to sidegrade/repurchase Photoshop. 99% of your plugin CDs are Windows-only, so you’ll have to repurchase/sidegrade those as well. Hmm… then there’s the learning curve and downtime to transfer files over.


    The case against “switching” due to cost can be made just as easily and someone can just as well say something like:

    Switching from Windows to Mac OS X costs MORE than you think

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