Petition to RealNetworks to cancel ‘Freedom of Music Choice’ publicity stunt garners large response

A new petition has been created (currently with over 1600 signatures and growing) by Michael-Luke Jones in response to RealNetworks’ “Freedom of Music Choice” publicity stunt and related petition(s):



  1. So we Mac users say to Real: “No! We don’t want no stinking songs for half the pricing of iTMS’ plus better bitrates!”


    I simply don’t care for Real’s desperate reasons behind this, as I wouldn’t care if a Label would do the same against another Label, as I wouldn’t care if it was a detergent brand: it is the first sign of what would happen if there was some competition in this area: cheaper songs, better quality.

    But no, we don’t want no stinking etc.

    Well, let the Ministry of MacTruth keep preaching to the choir. I quit the choir.

  2. I predict that website won’t be up for long. People can post comments after the bullshit articles they publish. Nearly every comment is pro-Apple and anti-Real.

    Glaser is sofa king stupid.

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