Motorola to detail dual-core PowerPC G4, could be next leap for Mac laptops

“Freescale – Motorola’s soon-to-be-spun-off chip division – [is] set to detail their… dual-core processor designs this autumn, Tony Smith reports for The Register. “Freescale’s dual-core PowerPC is expected to sport an on-board memory controller, this one capable of supporting DDR 2 SDRAM, along with a Gigabit Ethernet controller. It is also expected to use the Rapid IO bus, according to past Motorola pronouncements, though MPX bus support is also anticipated to maintain backward compatibility. The dual-core PowerPC may also mark the next major leap in Mac notebook G4 processors before Apple gets G5 chips from IBM that are capable of integration into a top-spec portable computer.”

Full article here.


  1. It’s good to see MOT/Freescale getting serious about competing on the processor front again. If another faster G4 gets put in our notebooks instead of a G5 that isn’t suited, I’m happy. G4 is a decent core, once the terrible bus speeds are fixed it’ll look pretty again.

  2. Apple has constantly said the G5 laptop wouldn’t be ready this year. Why don’t you whiners pay attention? With IBMs troubles getting current G5 chips made an updated G4 isn’t necessarily a step backward. How much speed do you scientists need for all you extensive computations? With the PC press raving about Apple laptops, it’s only the continued drone of supposed Mac fans that is negative. Geez what a bunch of……

  3. One guy from Finland,
    Very few software programs now available take advantage of 64 bits. Unless software is optimized for it then it doesn’t matter. Check your software library and tell us which programs you use are 64 bit specific…. Probably none. Hell, Panther isn’t optimized for 64 bit, that won’t happen until Tiger.

  4. There won’t be any PB G5s anytime soon, so no use continuing to live in a fantasy world. Like it or not, G5 processors are just too damn power hungry and hot for the mobile environment. A dual core G4 might well be the future as that would translate over much better to a notebook. Intel has learned this the hard way when trying to put desktop processors in notebook machines so they introduced the Pentium M. Apple is going to have to be creative as well because the days of slapping desktop processors in notebooks computers is slowly going away. Unless you want an 11 pound behemoth notebook anyway…

  5. While Intel had to slice and dice up their CPU (creating the Pentium M) to squeeze it into a laptop, Apple will be able to take their CPU, DOUBLE IT, and still make it fit rather easily. The performance difference will be huge, and Intel will have no way to counter it.

    But if you need G5 portability, the Mac G5s do have handles on the top.

  6. I’d buy one, and like it too. Desktop for power and laptop for versatility, that’s what I do (and i know, not everyone can have that luxury). But think about it, do you really want a G5 in a laptop before the common use of fuel-cell batteries? Li-ions are great, but they wont cut it soon.

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