Analyst: Apple ‘expected to witness healthy hardware, software demand over next few quarters’

“According to Piper Jaffray’s research note published this morning, industry data suggests that the creative professional computer market has rebounded. Apple Computer is expected to witness healthy demand for its hardware and software over the next few quarters due to the recovery in the creative professional computer market, the analyst says. Piper Jaffray estimates the company’s Mac sales growth at 9% YoY for the September quarter. Apple Computer is expected to ship its upgraded iMacs during mid-September, the analyst adds,” New ratings reports. “Apple Computer’s growth would be driven in the long term by the company’s music related solutions, the analyst believes. Piper Jaffray maintains its ‘outperform’ rating on Apple Computer.”

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  1. Finally a piece of good clean ‘mac news’ as opposed to the usual oh ha ha look what happened to windows today.
    I’m a mac user and i believe I’m above puting people down. Long live mac and long live windows. Let the people decide what they want.

  2. I think the “Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast” reference just went over someone’s head ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Ace: my sentiment as well if it was the real world. People are not allowed to decide for themselves. They are flooded with false information and scared off the platform for non-existing reasons.

    Ever talked to the average clerk in a computer shop before the advent of the Apple Stores? The FUDs spread there were flabbergasting.

    Ever heard the reasons put forward by the average IT guy swearing for M$? Even as idiotic as saying:

    “Macs don’t do TCP/IP, hence you could not print on our network”

    “there is no support for <put anything here> for Macs, hence you cannot use it here”

    “Macs don’t integrate Windows networks”

    “You need special hardware to connect with a Mac”

    “You cannot use broadband with <put ISP name here> with Macs”

    and so on and on and on.

    So yes, it would be a nice environment if people were let to decide what they want. We are still far from that in the real world.

    C’mon, there are still people not buying Macs because they are too used to multi-button mice and cannot stand to have to learn a one-button mouse in Macs.

    People is not free to decide if they are totally ignorant and duped by those who should know better.

  4. WintelUser: I refrain from commenting on your decision making processes.

    If you refer to the multi-button mice then it is laughable: plug your bloody mouse and off you go.

    If you refer to the ISP thing, let me guess: you choose an ISP first than decide not to buy the Mac because those guys pretend they cannot support it?


  5. I’m not disabled. what the hell do i want a multi button mouse for. I know some PC people with seven button mouse. Or is that 5 button? Either way i think it would get confusing. Not to mention the RSI problems. I’ve been told its best to use the keyboard as much as possible, but i admit i find it much easier using the mouse. I myself have a 2 button and scroll wheel mouse. The scroll wheel comes in very handy. I wonder why mac never implemented this years ago.

  6. “I wonder why mac never implemented this years ago”

    Uhuh? To my knowledge Mac has supported multi-button mice as they first came out.

    The only issue – which has nothing to do with Apple implementing anything on the OS or not supporting – is that Apple never provided a multi-button mouse WITH the purchase of a Mac as an option. It is an add-on that is available to Mac users since ever.

    Apple OS works with no mouse, with a one-button mouse, with a multi-button mouse: it is entirely user choice. Others only have the last option and cannot be used otherwise. It is entirely the OS choice: User have to shut the fsck up. As usual. After all – M$ PR spin – users are idiots: if anything wrong happens it is always the user fault.

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