Calcutta’s ‘Cult of Mac’ community steadily spreading

“Welcome to a small but passionate community that includes doctors, corporate honchos, housewives, technicians and students. The Cult of Mac is spreading slowly, but rock steadily, in Calcutta. Although officially no such group exists in the city, a common love for all things Apple, particularly the Macintosh, is what binds them into a community,” The Telegraph (Calcutta, India) reports. “‘If you start using a Mac, you will never go back to the PC,’ assures K. Rajkumar of Studio Discreet, engaged in post-production work for the big and small screens.”

“There are two kinds of Macintosh users


  1. Once again – we have an author stating that there are “limited” programs available for the Mac.

    Apple really needs to work hard to overcome this old chestnut as it is the very last reason against the Mac in many people’s minds.

  2. This must be a very small cult. When I was to Kolkata last Dezember, the scientific institutions were Mac free. As a matter of fact, my TiBook was the first Mac people saw in their lifes. Needless to say, they were impressed. But I was told there is literally no distribution for Macs in this market of over a billion people. Sad.

  3. A little off topic, but we live in St. Pete, and were forced to evacuate from hurricane Charley over the weekend. As much as I hate to say it, I was really pleased to have my XP laptop with me in the car as we were driving along an evacuation route. Streets & Trips 2004 was loaded up on XP and gave us impressively accurate directions along some very unfamiliar roads; as well as providing construction, hotel, ATM, and restaurant information along our planned & amended evacuation route.

    My point of the post is not to claim a preference for MS (ACK!), but I would LOVE to see something comparable to the quality & depth of Streets & Trips running natively on the Mac. I felt a little hypocritical as my family watched me pull out the Wintel laptop cause the Powerbook really couldn’t help us.

  4. Christopher,

    in this case I do not care what you use or prefer. Am just happy you made it OK with your family, all safe and sound.

    Streets & Trips: a shame it is not available on OS X. Take care.

  5. “in this case I do not care what you use or prefer. Am just happy you made it OK with your family, all safe and sound.”

    Ditto Christopher,

    Having survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992 (amazingly, with only a broken window pane while houses on either side lost the roof and entire front wall respectively), I too am thankful that you and yours are safe.

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