PortalPlayer, chip maker for Apple’s iPod, files for IPO

“It isn’t a major surprise that the recent initial public offering filing of semiconductor company PortalPlayer got lost in the shuffle. A chip company IPO? In this market? If Google is having trouble stirring up people’s passions for tech then why should anyone pay attention to some small semiconductor firm? But PortalPlayer, which filed for its IPO on Aug. 4, bears watching over the next few months. Here’s why,” Paul R. La Monica writes for Business 2.0.

“PortalPlayer gets most of its business from a Taiwanese company called Inventec. And Inventec is the company that makes this little device that you may have heard — it’s called the iPod,” La Monica writes. “Now do I have your attention?”

Full article here.


  1. Tough… all them Portal Players are gonna be in the mon… er… in paper. Now the pressure will be on to do something else with all that moolah plus put up with investor scrutiny. Love that funny money. Now where did I leave that Porsche catalog…?

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