Disney’s new Mickey Mouse Windows PC could rub Apple, Pixar chief Jobs the wrong way

“If Disney has its way, your next personal computer purchase will find its mouse bearing a likeness to Disney’s own Mickey Mouse. Yes, next month Disney will start shipping out kid-friendly PCs, complete with mouse-eared peripherals and bundled with a ton of branded software,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz reports for The Motley Fool.

“Disney has an uphill challenge here. Mattel had licensed PCs themed to its Barbie and Hot Wheels properties bomb — and at lower selling prices. Disney is also risking rubbing some of its partners the wrong way. Hewlett-Packard is the sponsor of Disney’s popular Mission Space attraction, yet the system’s printer is a Lexmark . Disney’s important relationship with Pixar is already strained, yet its machines will be powered by Microsoft’s operating system. Pixar is controlled by Apple Computer chief Steve Jobs,” Munarriz reports.

Full article here.
You can see the thing, called the “Disney Dream Desk PC,” at the Disney Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: It could be argued that a PC doesn’t really need plastic ears to be considered “Mickey Mouse,” all it really needs is Microsoft’s Windows.


  1. MDN: you saved from typing the most obvious joke.

    So you buy a Disney Dream Desk for little Johnny or Jessica, and they get some IE adware hack which promptly offers them porn of every description.

    Truly fabulous!

  2. Jobs and Apple could care less about this POS machine, but I don’t know how.

    Look, Apple doesn’t license its OS, and it doesn’t build custom computers for niche markets. Apple would not be caught dead putting Mickey Mouse ears on one of its monitors. This is a non-issue.

    PS – Calling anything “Mickey Mouse” is always a fun joke to make, but speaking as one who has a close relative who worked for the Mouse quite a few years ago, I made the same unfortunate joke, and was promptly shown how a “Mickey Mouse” corporation is run. Joke about Eisner all you want, and I’m no Eisner fan, but Disney did not get where they are today by being dumb. I’m not inviting arguments about how Disney is currently run – these are thoughts based on experiences from a few years ago.

  3. There’s already plenty of mickey mouse computers available made by the likes of Dell, Gateway (or should I call them e-machines), Packard Bell etc ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Disney doesn’t have the same ability to design a Disneyputer with the Mac. If it did, it may have to create a no-longer-allowed clone version of the Mac. Creating a Windows machine is easier; using a Windows machine is not. So, they did something that was easiest and most profitable for them, ignoring what is easiest for their customers, including children.

    Most big companies have a job-preserving IT department that doesn’t even consider the Mac a real computer (at least not until recently) and may have never even considered a Mac design (which they still may have been able to come up with as long as they didn’t produce the hardware or OS itself). IT people are often uncomfortable with Macs because they don’t know much about them – in spite of saying otherwise when asked whether they are familiar with Macs. They often don’t get seriously considered for any good use dismissing them with a sentence or two and then never considering them again. I have seen that far too often.

  5. When Walt Disney died, Disney took a very dangerous turn away from what they were.

    Now , I worry about a child seeing a Disney partner film just as much as any other film.

    Sometimes when you want to move toward mainstream, you move downward, not upward.

  6. Completely off topic:

    My biggest pet peeve is in here “Jobs and Apple could care less about…” I must hear it a dozen times per day, often by “professional” journalists in the media.

    It should be “Jobs and Apple couldN’T care less about…”

    When someone does not care about something then they could not possibly care any less -or- they couldn’t care less. It’s an ignorant mistake that many lazy people make.

    Don’t people listen to what they are saying?!

    But, more on topic…

    This computer will go the way of the Barbie computer. XP is far from being user-friendly and no amount of blue plastic surrounding it or big and bright icons are going to make it any easier.

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