New Jersey school district inks deal for over 500 Apple eMac computers

“More than 500 new computers will be installed in Bayonne public school [New Jersey] classrooms this coming school year,” Lauren DeFilippo reports for The Jersey Journal. “The $543,096 contract with Apple Computer includes the leasing of 507 eMac model computers for each classroom in the city’s 11 elementary schools and 35 for Bayonne High School for a three-year period.”

Full article here.


  1. There goes the last batch. Watch for an “oops” message on Apple Store ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    Seriously though, eMac is the perfect machine for elementary/secondary. Kudos to Apple edu. reps and whichever district these schools are located.

  2. eMac is a sweet PC and a dark horse. It goes unnoticed but probably is the best value computer being sold today by anyone. And, consider that it comes with an awesome range of software in addition to OS X.

  3. 507 eMacs for ‘each’ classroom in 11 elementary schools. If the classrooms are that big and have that many students in New Jersy they should have spent the money on more teachers.

  4. stingerman,

    totally agree with you. it’s fast, easy to use, looks like a bullet train and comes with iLife.

    I got my brother to buy one last month. He’s normally allergic to PC’s but he called me a couple of days ago to thank me – he uses his eMac all the time for his work and loves it.

    Quote from our kid: “I can’t believe how easy it is to use.”

    Nuff said.

  5. My eMac is now a couple years old, but I still think its one of the best values out there for a desktop. Our’s has the superdrive, which was an incredible thing for a $1000 computer a couple years ago. The biggest issue we’ve run into has been the 60gb hard drive, but the 200gb external firewire drive has alleviated that problem.

    As far as it being ugly, there are far uglier computers out there, just none are made by Apple ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I had the unlucky timing of getting the eMac CD-RW for $1094 one month to the day before the combo-drive model came out for the same price. Over all though, this was the fastest computer I had ever used at the time, and over all it’s an amazing machine. I’m hoping I can give it to my 11 year old cousin next year, it is the most perfect computer for her, with her small desk space, and want of making movies with her digital camera. Of course, I’m aiming for a Power Mac G5, you know, since I have the desk space and all.

  7. The eMac isn’t ugly..

    It’s just less beautiful than the other Macintoshes.

    But now you’ve done it.

    I saw it run into the bathroom and it’s CRYING ITS EYES OUT.

    Are you happy now? ARE YOU, PUNK?


  8. 507 eMacs for $543,096…

    That is about $1,071 per eMac.

    BUT, that is only a lease for three years. The school system does not own the computers!

    Does each computer come with M$ Office as well? I see that technical support is included, however is that on-site support?

    I am an avid mac supporter, however, the numbers seem high. Wouldn’t the school system be better buying the computers outright so they have some assets which they can sell after 3 years?

  9. i have an emac..

    i love it.. hehe.. no way is it UG… people usually go into convulsions when they see the cd tray flip open..

    One thing PC users always say..

    Where’s the Tower (as they look under the desk…)

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  10. next mdn will be reporting the purchase of every mac sale.

    jim bought an imac
    judy bought a powerbook
    sally bought an emac and a silver ipod!


  11. The eMac isn’t ugly, it’s stealthy — kind of like disappears in a room unless you’ve surrounded it with the detritus of computing gadgets. It’s an awesome machine for the price.

    Unlike Windoze, it won’t succumb to an infestation of malware, and require little technical support.

    Other schools should follow Bayonne. If they encounter resistance from I.T., the solution is simple: wield an axe.

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