Apple’s ‘Buy any Mac, get Final Cut Express 2 for $99’ promo lets users edit like pros

From now until September 25, 2004, when you purchase any new Macintosh computer, you can get Final Cut Express 2 – Apple’s most affordable advanced DV editing application – for only $99. No matter which Mac you choose, you can save $200 on Final Cut Express 2 – instantly – at the time of purchase. This offer is available at the Apple Store online, all Apple Store retail locations, and from participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

More info here.


  1. Yeah, I’ll probably blow $99 for FCE2 with the iMac replacement next month, too. When there’s an update to FCE3 and if it’s $99 (like FCE1->FCE2) that’s still less than the full price of FCE2. Not bad.


    I just took possession of $4000 of G5 and Monitor ordered within the promotional period. I read about the promo here and called to order.

    Went from the Apple Store to Sales Support where I was told I’m SOL because the software needs to be pre-installed on the computer.

    I said I just spent 4 grand and can’t download it somewhere?
    They said no.

    To me this is amazingly bad customer service. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s not the hugest request in the world (#1) and (#2) – who the hell knows if I wouldn’t have upgraded down the line.

    Jeez…I’m flustered.

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