Tired of patching patches to patch Windows patches? Writer suggests getting a Mac

“It’s a good idea to add the Microsoft update site to your list of maintenance sites you check every week or so, along with your anti-virus sites, your ad-aware definitions and your spyware definitions,” James Derk writes for Redding.com’s Science and Technology section.

“Is anyone else upset about all of this? How often do I have to patch the operating system for my cell phone, my telephone, my PDA, my car or any other numbers of electronic devices I have in my house? This whole patching thing is getting way out of control and the first product that comes along that controls spam, viruses, spyware and ads will really make a gazillion bucks,” Derk writes.

“I get a lot of mail suggesting that people use other technologies… If you think an Apple will suit your needs and can afford it, I would certainly add it to the list. Their laptops especially are a design work of art,” Derk writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’re fond of saying, if you’re finally tired of downloading and installing patches to patch patches that patched patches issued to fix patches that broke while patching a patch that didn’t patch the first patch, but broke the last patch you patched, you might want to try a Mac instead. More information about adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal here.


  1. “Its keeping stupid users from making stupid mistakes that is more “trying”.”

    And of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if they were on Macs. All of a sudden you have a bunch of employees who are smart users making smart and productive decisions.

  2. NoMac: I just converted an office of 25 to PeeCee’s using Windows XP…Why? Because
    A) They were on OS 9

    AJ: You’re either clueless or don’t know what you are talking about. Even with OS 9, XP pales in comparison feature-for-feature.

    NoMac: B) Machines are Old

    AJ: Even an old macintosh is better than having an old PC. Better yet, it’s better than having an XP. Why? If you don’t know, you really don’t know about PC’s at all. How many old PCs do you have (2 yrs or older) that are still working without the upgrade? NONE. Because PCs die right around 18 months. I still have my original bondi blue 233 MHz with OS 8.5. Still works: no crashes, no loss of data, no reinstall of software. Any one from the mac community can attest to this: the mac just works. It’s like the energizer bunny: it keeps going and going and going….

    NoMac: C) Too Expensive to get new Macs…

    AJ: Too Expensive in terms of WHAT? Again, you either do not know what you are talking about or you are comparing apples to oranges (no pun inteded). Please, make sure that your cerebellum is connected to your medula oblongata so that the synapses are firing correctly before making such baseless arguments.

    NoMac: D) Even After OS X…All of the hype that you people throw around about it…Its still a computer, and ALL COMPUTERS HAVE PROBLEMS…

    AJ: I agree with you that ALL COMPUTERS HAVE PROBLEMS. However, the prepondrance of the problems come directly from PCs and not necessarily the pc user. You can ask any pc user why all of sudden the pc gets a “performed an illigal action” when all you did was to try and shut down the system (this is just one example). This is a fact you failed to understand. Why subject the user to such blatant abuses? Remember, not all users have the same knowledge that you do.

    NoMac: After Im done they wont have problems…Its a perk of being a smart admin…
    Maybe I’ll start my own Switch Campaign…..

    AJ: Tell me this: who’s smarter?
    1) The person who works twice as hard to make sure that the pc they are using works before actually doing any work, OR
    2) A person who use a McIntosh that works right out of the box.

    …….go ahead, take your time.

  3. “I just converted an office of 25 to PeeCee’s using Windows XP…Why?” – NoMacForYou

    How old were your Macs? They were unupgradable to OS X and OS X has been around for more than 4 years. I’d guess they are very old. can you expect the same for your PCs? So, if you consider depreciation, total cost of ownership and return of investment, how do they compare to your current PCs?

  4. “After Im done they wont have problems…Its a perk of being a smart admin…”

    NoMac, you should hire yourself out for all the companies and government offices who are struggling using Windows. (You know, down time that all those companies suffer due to viruses and crap. Or is that a “blatant lie” too?) You could make yourself a ton of money due to the inadequate operating system called Windows.

    “Its keeping stupid users from making stupid mistakes that is more “trying””

    Well, thank God, Microsoft has you on their side.

  5. If you let a troll usurp the agenda, you’ve lost.

    Four ways to deal with a troll:

    1) Ignore
    2) Ignore
    3) Did I say, “Ignore?”
    4) Get AJ on the case!

  6. NoMacForYou switched them to Win XP because they will now need to pay him a ton of money supporting the “cheaper” PCs. Maybe cheaper day one, not cheaper over the life of the computer. The knew how to use Macs, now they will rely on him, $$$ to work Windows XP, to update/patch XP, reformat to resolve malware, adware, virus all kinds of problems they didn’t have before, but they have NoMacForYou to fix these new problems. They will have newer faster computers, and a whole new budget for support. Same old IT dept. fraud – push Windows on users, so you have a life-long career supporting them. Same intelligence or lack thereof users will cause all new problems with Windows machines, needing more support. You probably gave them Exchange mail server and Outlook email clients and of course Internet Explorer. Each one of these is a major conduit for viruses, trojan horses etc. They will curse you even as they pay you. It’s just this side of protection money, with Bill Gates as the mafia boss. I pity the poor employees. I would have quit.

  7. No, No, No, don’t you see the beauty of it? Convert an office to XP from Mac’s equals instant profits! Those poor hapless saps that are used to things working are an easy mark. Think of the billable hours as you go from one disaster to the next. From one new virus to the next. It’s called job security. If I was a consultant, or smart IT admin, I would do the same. Gotta eat!!!

  8. i went over to the parents place to help them set up a new comp.

    it had to be a PC for work… (legacy system based on DOS from 1988, I sh*t you not!)

    Dear. God.

    What an utter nightmare using Win XP.. i just kept telling myself.. I don’t have to deal with this.. i dont have to deal with this.. setting up a wireless network to work with a printer connected to an old OS 9 mac upstairs… not gonna happen..

    i gave up on that…

    try getting the digital camera to plug-and-play..”where are the pictures.. if this was a mac, iPhoto would be open already. why do i need an 88page manual telling me how to use this thing!?”

    for all you windows users who THINK computers are hard to use… you probably don’t understand what us zany mac users are talking about. it’s okay. we would do the same in your shoes. it’s extremely hard to buy a mac and worry about re-learning all the OS stuff.

    Just go to some mac store … you have to try one.. just mess around with it.. ask about adding peripherals and installing software.. you’ll never know how great it is until you find out the TRUTH.

    This isn’t about being right. It’s about your sanity.

    It would take a miracle for Longhorn to make the Grand Canyon-sized leap from Winxp to something like 10.2 Jaguar. It’s not gonna happen people. It will be a slightly cooler level of hell.

    If these apple nuts are drooling over computers and lining up 1500 deep just to get into an apple store.. don’t you owe it to yourself to at least give it a shot? Try using one..

    You’ll. Never. Ever. Look. Back.

  9. NoMacForYou is a clueless asshole. I make a living defending Windows networks from attacks (I even have a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition server on my home LAN for practice) and a lot of my billable hours comes from patching, spyware removal, and antivirus updates on Windows. It’s mostly firefighting on the PC side of things. On the Macs, I help people use their software more efficiently, since there are no viruses or spyware to deal with. Guess which platform I prefer for my own personal work?

    People like NoMacForYou are dumb, ignorant bigots who would probably reinstall Windows before trying to fix the Registry.

  10. For all the PC users out there, I was once like you. I thought Macs were totally different and COMPLICATED computers and completely avoided them. Now, I have a Mac laptop – and for anyone doing work/play – Macs are the HOLY GRAIL of computers. (Linux is 2nd on my list – Windows is so far down the list – there would be no point mentioning them and if I did they would be no words to express the FRUSTRATION that Win 95/98/XP/whatever has caused me and I know many others).

    Patches are just an excuse for bad software to start off with and I’m afraid, I think its gone too far.

    I think the main reason people are against Macs is because they don’t actually know what they do – and their POTENTIAL – using Unix.

    To ALL PC USERS who are considering switching or who are diehard PC users:-

    Step 1: Go to an Apple store or a fellow Mac user and get an introduction to how they work.

    Step 2: UNDERSTAND the Mac – realize it’s a true machine that will NEVER let you down. (Unlike the countless times Windows has – I thought the blue screen of death was a screensaver produced by Microsft:)

    Step 3: Buy a Mac – and don’t look back:)

    And don’t say that Mac programs are inferior or ‘not as good as Windows programs’ – the simplicity of use will hit you like a road train. JUST LEARN HOW TO USE IT and you won’t deny it.

    To those PC users who just use their PCs for games – get console hardware ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    To NoMacForYou: I realize your conundrum – PCs are supposedly ‘cheaper’ than Macs. This is a common misconception. THE TYPE OF HARDWARE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE GROUND UP. Try comparing P4 to G5 (can’t be done!!!) Your downfall is you trade ‘cheap’ for ‘quality’ – a mistake that will cost you in the end. Personally – I would have kept the OS 9 systems;)

    Viridian is right – look at the RELATIVITY of problems between Macs and PCs, Macs are not trouble free – but compared to PCs they are more trouble free by SEVERAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE.

    No.. I’m not emplyed by Apple – just someone with a JUSTIFIED opinion on this whole situation – If the ‘race’ between Mac and Windows continues on its current path-goodbye Windows/Microsoft better be thinking up of how they are going to be ripping people off from next. Linux will be its next competition.

  11. NoMacForYou:

    Your company could do 2 things:

    Get PC’s + yourself to admin them.

    Or get Mac’s and sack you. Yes Mac’s are a ‘little’ bit more expensive, but without your wage, they’d save money!

    Why don’t you run this past your employers?

    Aaah right, now we’re seeing the bigger picture.

  12. I have to go with lots of people “fixing” there computers and it’s always the same damn stuff
    spyware, viruses. Even fully patched boxes with Mozilla Firefox and stuff are vulnerable..
    how about that DSO-exploit..MS knows it, yet no practical patch or solution.. makes me furious.
    If you really think that having a company running on XP is good, then i doubt your networking and computer expertise.

    anyway, last friday i said done with it and i went myself getting a powerbook and i’m trilled with it.
    never, ever will i work on a pc anymore, unless they force me to for school or my job..but at home…
    mac it is.

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