Tired of patching patches to patch Windows patches? Writer suggests getting a Mac

“It’s a good idea to add the Microsoft update site to your list of maintenance sites you check every week or so, along with your anti-virus sites, your ad-aware definitions and your spyware definitions,” James Derk writes for Redding.com’s Science and Technology section.

“Is anyone else upset about all of this? How often do I have to patch the operating system for my cell phone, my telephone, my PDA, my car or any other numbers of electronic devices I have in my house? This whole patching thing is getting way out of control and the first product that comes along that controls spam, viruses, spyware and ads will really make a gazillion bucks,” Derk writes.

“I get a lot of mail suggesting that people use other technologies… If you think an Apple will suit your needs and can afford it, I would certainly add it to the list. Their laptops especially are a design work of art,” Derk writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we’re fond of saying, if you’re finally tired of downloading and installing patches to patch patches that patched patches issued to fix patches that broke while patching a patch that didn’t patch the first patch, but broke the last patch you patched, you might want to try a Mac instead. More information about adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal here.


  1. what a lame troll attempt. big old yawn.

    ps…. if i think apple will suit my needs and afford it? how much is the cheapest mac now its under 1000$ and does everything most people need.

  2. Beyond that, for being a “smart admin” you are rather clueless. Maybe you mean “smart PC admin” which of course, doesn’t make you very smart. Once your boss figures out how bad you screwed things up by getting rid of the Macs you can be “unemployed smart PC admin”.

  3. Far be it for anyone to ever get even remotely sarcastic in this forum….Typical Mac Community.

    Jump: I actually make a descent living being my own boss…I Resent that remark.

  4. “Its still a computer, and ALL COMPUTERS HAVE PROBLEMS…”

    Only the blindest zealot would claim that Macs are completely problem-free. The thing is, they’re problem-free relative to PC’s. You know, relativity? That concept popularized by Einstein? Or are you nervy enough to claim that Macs and PC’s are about the same when it comes to things going wrong? Or with security issues? Or with the plethora of malware? Hello? Anyone there?

  5. Actually NoSmile, Keeping the computers up and running is no sweat, Its keeping stupid users from making stupid mistakes that is more “trying”. Why did you switch to Mac? Did you click OK on something you didnt read?

  6. “Far be it for anyone to ever get even remotely sarcastic in this forum…”

    And that was the problem; it wasn’t even remotely sarcastic. And if you’re referring to the multiple duplicate posts, that was more moronic than sarcastic. Get over yourself.

  7. NoMacForYou,

    Get a Mac, you degenerate!

    And get rid of that virus that keep’s sending the same message to this website dedicated to Mac Users. Shouldn’t you be patching machines or updating virus definitions?


  8. Why did post so many times NoMac? I think everyone got your message the first or second time.

    I would like to know what the advantages of a PC are, from your point of view. Is price the only benefit?

  9. There is NO benefit to buying a PC, unless you game, in which case you are probably a computer-potato that does nothing but game and rarely even knows what’s going on in the world. I know a guy at my work like that…about the time of the Abu Gahraib thing going on, we were talking about it (and the beheading)…it had been at least a week after all this stuff was out on the news and he asked us what we were talking about. I laughed at him and then told him we were talking about old news with the prisoner abuse and the beheading. He said he didn’t know what we were talking about. This is also the same guy whose PC’s power supply went bad, but he’s too poor to fix it (wife who refuses to work, three kids, ad nauseam) so he decided to rip the hard drive out and put it in his Xbox.

  10. Well I was thinking, if our better macs get realy popular and actualy become the standard pc for most poeple, do you guys think we will be obliged to switch to something else… I mean when your at the mall or a public space you can almost see the difference between mac users and pc users, the mac users always have something about them, while the pc users are most of the time just somebodies, standard human beings. My point is if the mac gets mainstream will we have to go to something else (unix/linux/sun??)

    I’m a mac user and advocate, but I realy do appreciate the fact that in just a bit different as in lots of aspects of my life, like most mac users, the mac fits me, but would it fit me if it was mainstream?

    Well enough of this crap, I think Macs are better, and most people who use both platforms preffer macs, and that says it all

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