Apple’s own iMovie can strip FairPlay DRM off iTunes Music Store songs

“Apple’s iMovie can be used to strip the FairPlay digital rights management protection (DRM) on iTunes songs, according to a report by German news site The site reports that Apple’s own video tool can be used to create unprotected song files that be played on any computer without recompression, circumventing iTunes’ DRM protection,” reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whoops! We tested the method with a song purchased from Apple’s iTunes Music Store and created an unprotected AIFF file that sounded great. Then we trashed it. Don’t steal music.


  1. AIFF would require recompression. It doesn’t only strip out the DRM. It also uncompresses it. To get it to MP3 or AAC requires recompression and that will not be lossless.

  2. That’s not a loophole. The function is their to allow you to add music to movie you create. Apple’s own announcement that mention that you could now use songs from iTMS in iMovies and iPhoto basically indicate that this feature was present in both applications. Though of course what you can do with it is dependent on the App itself, since they have different purposes.

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