Wondering about new iMac G5 design?  We have an idea…

Margaret Kane writes for CNET News, “The recent confirmation from Apple Computer that it’s planning to redesign the iMac prompted CNET News.com to wonder: So what will it look like? And who better to ask than our readers?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here we go with the iMac G5 speculation season. Enjoy! One hint from us: if the new iMac G5 doesn’t accept, somehow interact with, or include a built-in VESA Mount Adapter, we’ll switch to Windows XP (just kidding). You heard it here first.


  1. Well let’s face it. The iMacs have been getting smaller and small – as most personal computers have been. And since, clearly, we can’t have an infinitely small computer (at least not yet) – the next logical step would be to make it invisible. Like the last bond car.

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    Hopefully the Apple legal department will not require MDN to remove this image.

  3. someone had the balls to mention that apple should spend more money on quality? oy. i have never used a machine of any kind that goes through the abuse of my computer (dual 2ghz G5 running Maya, Shake, FCP HD, 4 GIG RAM, dual 20″ cinema displays), that takes it in stride and impresses me daily. Can’t say the same thing of any other computer, and especially those morons building cars in Detroit. (acura driver, here!)

  4. The CPU will be about 3 inches high by 14 inches wide and 10 inches deep. There will be a LCD screen that will mount on the CPU or you’ll be able to use your current one (LCD) with an adapter. YES, the iMac goes two piece!

  5. I rekon it with have an ipod connector/dock built-in and therefore just plug your ipod in and auto sync – no cables!

    I also think the price should be around �499 for the bottom line model going up to �1,100 for the top model and that Apple should throw in 100 songs itunes certificate with all new models (and maybe �99 off a new 40gb ipod).

  6. “And who better to ask than our readers?”

    Oh Margaret, sweetie. I wouldn’t even ask your readers to walk my poodles – let alone trust them to come up with an iMac design.

  7. AS SEEN ON TV, the new iMac will sport a BikiniTouch.

    Hey MDN what’s with that banner? couldn’t get any Computer related advertizing? what’s next, X-rated sites?

    Personally, i would not mind. but since i am surfing from work, i kinda have to think twice about surfing over to MDN.

  8. I think it will carry a LOT of design references to the iPod – after all, this will be the focal ‘switching’ machine for all those millions of Wintel ‘podders’ who’ve recently discovered the wonders of Apple. Perhaps simply an enlarged ‘landscape’ iPod shape (white surface) with an LCD screen filling out one side and a brushed metal stand centred on the other?

    Maybe even an iPod click wheel built into the keyboard (they’re very proud of that one!)?

  9. >AS SEEN ON TV, the new iMac will sport a BikiniTouch

    Very funny Me. I don’t think we get the BikiniTouch banner here in UK (sadly).

    BUT… up until very recently there was a well known hair removal product here – aimed at all those bikini lines – called ‘Immac’. This pre-dated Apple’s cuddly computer by decades – though recently it’s changed its name to ‘Veet’ Depilatory Cream (!)

    iVeet anyone?

  10. I agree about the seamless integration of the iPod and iMac. I think that Apple needs to find cool new features that the windows iPod users just can’t have. For example, what if the iPod once docked to the iMac becomes context sensitive. If you’re browsing in Safari, you could scroll the page with the iPod wheel. In iMovie, scroll through the footage precisely, etc…
    make the iPod the perfect bait to lure windows user to the iMac.

  11. “Apple needs to compete. Enough of this laid back, whatever type attitude. If they are going to remain a computer company (Which I’m starting to question what with Apple seriously focusing on Music and the iPod.) they need to kick some butt,” writes a reader identified as John Doe.

    We’re supposed to take seriously what “John Doe” says? Bwahahaha!

    Why do these PC writers even care what Apple’s doing? Who cares what they think?

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