Apple to give Pepsi iTunes promo another try at upcoming Super Bowl?

“Five months after BBDO launched the Pepsi iTunes promotion on the Super Bowl, TBWAChiatDay’s Southern California office is getting a crack at the assignment, landing the estimated $15-20 million business without a review, sources said last week,” Kathleen Sampey reports for AdWeek. “The effort, slated to break during the game next year, will run through the spring.”

“Sources said the reason for the switch to Omnicom Group’s TBWACD in Playa del Rey, Calif., was that Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs wanted the Apple agency to do the work so he could have more of a say in its creation… BBDO has handled the Pepsi brand since 1964.,” Sampey reports. Full article here.

The first Pepsi iTunes promotion was, how shall we say, less than a rousing success with about 5 million free songs have been given away through a Pepsi promotion, far fewer than the 100 million tracks that could have been redeemed. It did not help that Pepsi bottles with the winning promotions took longer to get into stores than expected.

MacDailyNews Take: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Let’s hope the second try, if it really materializes, is markedly better than the first. First order of business seems to be taken care of: creation of a better ad. Now let’s see if Pepsi can deliver actual bottles with yellow caps into the stores in time; this would help. At least expectations will be nil (instead of sky high) going into this one.

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  1. Will it get to the east side of the Pond? I can’t see how it wouldn’t do better the second time around as more people are aware of what it is and what’s going on with it. I don’t know that the improvement would be as big as we’d all like it to be, but it would definitely do better the second go ’round.

  2. I ws quite surprised that the last campaign didn’t work as well as expected. But then again, Pepsi tastes like shit and Coca Cola are our competitors.

    What about doing this campaign with a milk company? Get kids/parents drinking something that doesn’t rot your insides…

    Just my $0.02

  3. The other thing with Pepsi, if they want to hit the demographics they should probably be putting the caps on Mountain Dew. The Dew demographics are probably much more likely to cash in on the caps.

  4. I love this idea. I think the promotion is dead on, and it’s a perfect vehicle to get people trying out iTunes. The commercials need to be a hell of a lot better, though, and more of them.

  5. I was in a convinience store west of Philly last week and the whole fridge was filled with yellow-topped Pepsi bottles! I bought one but I didn’t win, not that it would have mattered.

  6. me think the problem was not the advertising or the advertising company. as far as i’m concerned the commercial was great. the problem was execution. when it came down to it, Pepsi did not deliver.

    for 1, the commercial did not run as ofter as it should. 2nd, bottles were delivered late or in some cases never in some regions.

    So a 2nd crack at it may not change anything, if they run into the same issues as before.

  7. Have Coke dumped their download store and then partner with Coke. Pepsi has proven to be unreliable getting their products out.

    BTW, didn’t Napster partner with a beer company to give away songs? Whatever happens with the deal?

  8. I’ll never understand cola tastes. One guy above has already stated that Pepsi “tastes like s***”. I prefer Pepsi myself, although I’ll drink Coke if that’s all there is. My best friend won’t drink Coke under any circumstances, can’t stand the stuff, used to drink Pepsi by the two-liter until he got healthy.

    Anyone prefer RC? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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