gives amateur filmmakers a place to shine, a new Web site community for Mac users, gives creative outlet to amateur filmmakers around the world. makes it easy for anyone with a video camera and a copy of iMovie or other Mac video-editing software to show off their movies online. The site gives everyone a chance to showcase their digital movies and receive ratings, reviews, and real-time movie statistics in return.

Basic membership at is free and not only gives filmmakers the ability to share movies with the world, the site also offers free sound effects, iMovie tutorials, filmmaking resources, and active forums for it’s members. The site also offers an optional VIP upgrade where filmmakers can show an unlimited number of movies on the site, along with other VIP perks. In late August, will release the details of their first Mac filmmaking contest for its members. The site also has plans to offer video hosting this fall.

In the last two weeks since its launch, has grown to 500 members and 130 active movies. For those not interesting in making movies, the site offers indie film entertainment covering most popular genres from documentaries to action movies. Audiences are encouraged to rate and review movies they have seen. is the most effective and cost efficient way to get Mac-made movies seen by a global audience, including those in search of new talent. Unlike other film sites, allows filmmakers to retain the rights to their movies. Amateur filmmakers can get their movies in front of a worldwide audience by joining located at is owned by MNM Productions, LLC., a private Austin, Texas based partnership started by two amateur filmmakers. is an independent website and is not affiliated with Apple Computer, Inc.


  1. Sounds good, have to check it out.

    I have been looking forward to some sort of group to help me with my amateur movie aspirations.

    t s o p t s i r f

  2. The real IT world are far too busy getting on with real work (like virus updating and OS patching) to be filming and having fun on their computers.

  3. wow!!!
    So much time spent making so many movies for people to spend so much time watching so many movies.
    Check out the 1 stars first! Some wild and whacky stuff there!

  4. This place is run by a collection of bozos rating other bozos. The owner of this site rates there movies higher for a fee, and stomp on everyone else to keep the ratings lopsided.
    Sometime it would be nice to see some honest people out there.
    Don’t waste your time with these con-artists.

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