ABC News looks at Duke University’s plan to provide Apple iPods to students

“The iPod, Apple’s small and stylish digital music player, is a big hit among music lovers


  1. Way cool that they are recording the lectures for them. Wonder what that will do for attendance though? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Does not absolve them of skipping class. It’s just to go over class notes verbatim and increase your scores on tests. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

  3. This whole thing is very interesting, since a successful rollout to Duke students could portend an expansion of services to the greater public.

    Not only would this extend the Duke brand, but it could offer an additional source of revenue (and potential donors).

    Distance or supplemental learning for people not currently enrolled. I’d be interested.

  4. I wonder what format these notes are recorded in? If I were Duke, I would insist that Apple support formats that don’t require Duke to pay royalties to save their recordings in those formats (i.e. MP3 and AAC)

  5. Jeff…

    What are you talking about!?

    Apple’s iPod already supports those formats. Duke already has the capability to record in any format other thatn WMA. Do you know anything about the iPod?

  6. Al,

    I told you not to be stupid. If you were home, I’d slap you silly. Now they’re going to expell you!

    I knew I should have never gone off the pill…



  7. Audible Textbooks? Amazing lol..

    Just Imagine an Audible Textbook where Images Appear at different parts of the “song” like graphs and charts etc.

    Ahem that wouldnt be a song, just a wimpy movie.. but great nonetheless…

    Has anyone thought of how great this is for Firewire?

  8. iPod Trojan enters the gates of educational institutions. This is the start of the comeback in force for Apple into that market segment.

    Wonder what all these freshman will have in mind as their next laptop in due time?

    In addition to that, the iPod now has a legitimization in a learning scenario. Might as well make some thinking could be used in corporates as well for similar needs.

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