Microsoft ‘Longhorn’ advisor: ‘Apple should get out of general-purpose computing’

“The classic graphical user interface was well suited to an early Macintosh with 128kB of RAM that ran a few applications and about 50 files, ‘but it doesn


  1. Where would Microsoft get all there ideas if Apple wasn’t around? Anyway, Apple’s unit sales and 30% year to year growth is doin much better for shareholder and consumer confidence than Microsoft’s current 3 year malaise.

  2. In other news, a Republican advisor told a newspaper that the Democratic Party should get out of politics and focus its efforts on fundraising which is “where its strengths are”.

    Who is this joker and why did Waikato University waste money flying him to New Zealand? Maybe they got him as a free bonus from Microsoft for buying a Windows NT server.

  3. dunno about that, but it might be worthwhile to offer a separate OS for the business user, one that does not include things like iChat and Airport but has instead an office software package (perhaps even MS Office) bundled with it. Seems like it’d be easy enough to do.

  4. “The classic graphical user interface was well suited to an early Macintosh with 128kB of RAM that ran a few applications and about 50 files, ‘but it doesn�t scale”

    Seems to have scalled very well given that nearly ALL of the worlds computers now use some form of GUI based on the that first Mac OS.

    So what is this guy saying? M$ are gonna abandon the GUI and go back to DOS?

    I think what he means is that M$ couldnt get it to scale properly (read multitask) and are hence thinking of doing something else …

  5. Microsoft is supposedly going to buy back some $30 Billion dollars in shares and sink as much as $74 Billion in the program to buy back shares over the next 2 years. I heard it this morning on the radio and I guess there’s some big boons for people who own Microsoft shares. Funny that this news comes close on the heels of Apple’s Quarterly Earnings report. I guess Microsoft didn’t want to be left behind. Apple leads, Microsoft follows….again.

    (I’ll look up details about the buy-back program and post them here shortly)

  6. Norman is very well known. His partner is Jacob Neilsen the idiot that calls himself a web usability expert. Go to his site and he can’t practice what he preaches.
    These guys are like professors, a lot of useless cerebral thinking. We can sleep well at night, he’s consulting for Microsoft, Longhorn will be a mess or never make it out of the usability labs.
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  7. Here it is.

    SEATTLE – In what may be the biggest corporate cash disbursement in history, Microsoft said Tuesday that it will put an estimated $75 billion into the pockets of its shareholders.

    The software giant announced a one-time dividend of $3 a share. It also will buy back as much as $30 billion in shares and double its usual dividend over the next four years.

    The article talks about how Microsoft needed to placate it’s shareholders after settling several high profile lawsuits.

    Funny, that.

    Microsoft� – If you can’t innovate for them, buy em off.

  8. Apple already is focusing on those niche areas where its strengths are: digital video, graphic arts, life sciences, engineering etc. If those areas can keep it profitable, the rest of us can keep using Mac!

  9. What about M$ getting out of the OS business as that is where their strength isn’t? As a matter of fact, almost all their recent software initiatives – tablet OS, Wrist Watch and XBox have not exactly set the world on fire. Using this guy’s thinking, maybe M$ should get out of business altogether! ;-]

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