Apple officially introduces the new 4G iPod; HP iPod coming in September

Apple today introduced the new iPod, the fourth generation of the world’s number one portable digital music player, featuring Apple’s patent pending Click Wheel, which combines the smooth and continuous scrolling of a touch-sensitive wheel with five push buttons for superior one handed navigation. The new iPod also features up to 12 hours battery life and Shuffle Songs, a new command in the main menu which gives users instant access to one of the most exciting new ways to listen to their music library. All iPods work effortlessly with Apple’s iTunes, providing music fans with the best digital jukebox on either a Mac or Windows computer and access to the iTunes Music Store, the number one digital music service in the world. The new iPod is available immediately in a 20GB model for $299 and a 40GB model for $399.

“The best digital music player just got better,” said Steve Jobs, Apple


  1. Not much. it has run up an awful lot (with some profit-taking on Friday) in the past few weeks. It’s gonna settle down until Paris Expo – or anticipation thereof on the upcoming new iMac.

  2. i was hoping that the new 40 was as thick as the new 20 but i guess that was wishful thinking.

    does anyone know what the thickness of the OLD 15 and 20 was? how much thicker were they compared with the new 40? thanks

  3. Hope that MDN will go back to the sources of the rumor that “guaranteed” that Apple would bring out a 60G iPod and chastise them.

  4. So… the new software features are not available for the 3G iPods? Is this how Apple is addressing the battery life problem by making each new iPod’s features unavailable to the previous versions…no matter how similar? That way if people feel the need to upgrade their iPod every year they will never see their battery die. I was hoping that since the 3G and 4G are closer in design (dock) than the 3G was to 1/2G that we would get new shuffle and the efficient menus. And yes, I know Apple wants people to buy new models, can’t expect features to be compatible with every version, etc…. blah blah blah.

  5. Was excited about the 4G iPod, but I don’t feel this update is worth a trade for my 3G. Much like the update from the 1G to the 2G. The click wheel is not a big enough draw for me.

  6. Dropping the low-end iPod makes a lot of sense now that iPod Minis will be more widely available. There was too much talk about the Mini being poor value because of the similar price with the low end iPod. Now Apple can clearly differentiate between the cheap, low capacity iPod Mini and the more costly, high-capacity iPods.

    HP iPods will propably come in 60 GB and 30 GB sizes. By that time Apple can refresh its own iPods to similar capacities and possibly offer them in different colours.

  7. “We decided to wait for this amazing new fourth generation iPod, as it will offer our customers an even better experience. HP�s version of the new iPod will be available in September.”

    OK, so there goes the speculation that Apple sells 4G iPod while HP is stuck with 3G iPod.

  8. You know, to get customers used to the iTunes store (for those that are scared to use it for whatever reason or just flat out don’t use it), why don’t they give free iTunes along with the iPod that you buy? You buy a 20G, get 15 songs, buy a 40G, get 25…something like that. That way the people who are scared to buy online can actually get a taste of how easy and cool it is to buy online. I have a feeling it has something to do that Apple would be paying out of pocket for that one or something.

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