New Windows Bagle virus variants spread; Macintosh unaffected

“Antivirus software companies began warning e-mail users this week that the persistent Bagle virus has re-emerged in a new version, Bagle.AF or Beagle.AB,” Laura Rohde reports for IDG News Service. “Trend Micro, based in Tokyo, rated the risk from the Bagel variant as “medium,” though it says the damage and distribution potentials of the virus are high… McAfee, in Santa Clara, California, raised its risk assessment to “medium-on-watch” and warned it had the potential of being upgraded to a high-risk threat.”

The Bagle virus and its variants affect computers running Microsoft Windows. Macintosh computers are unaffected.

MacDailyNews Take: For information on smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, please click here.

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  1. Hey g,

    You want to try and keep my parents away from windows computers? I bought our family an iMac last Christmas, and my parents keep telling me that they’re going to get a Windows PC and ship me off to college with the iMac (I really wanted them to keep the iMac and I could get a PowerBook).

    And I know exactly what’s going to happen when they get their new PC. They’re going to give me troubleshooting calls all the time with viruses, crappy software, etc. Bleh. Like college won’t be difficult enough without having to deal with my parent’s Windows problems.

  2. viruses spoof email addresses so that indeed your <kin-relation-here> could receive a virus *apparently* from you. It is rather difficult to convince a Wintel relative/acquaintance that you never sent him/her that infected email: Their lack of knowledge on anything virus/trojan/adware/spyware is abysmal.

    Easy as a cake if you have installed a X509 digital certificate to use with your email, then you can rest your case.

    Casey: tell your parents they are on their own if they get a PC. No support from you as they are just buying troubles not a computer so they keep what they buy. They are adult, you warned them, they have to assume the responsibility of their choice. It is not “if” they will have problems with the PC, it is “when” their PC will be toasted.

  3. …and it seems to work. Another friend whom I helped with her problems on windows is getting a Powerbook after I finally told her that as a real friend I had to stop helping her:
    “Look, I use Mac also professionally exactly not to have to deal with all these absurdities delaying work and ruining efficiency.

    I am just helping you stick with Windows if I keep helping you solve your issues that are non-existing with OS X. I do not do all this hand-holding care with my Mac for it to run smoothly. PC with Windows run a retarded, disabled OS. You are not a PC user, you are a PC nurse.”

    She resisted a couple of weeks… Her Powerbook was ordered yesterday.

  4. Apple: The choice of the smarter generation!

    Apart corporate users which have other factors to weight in, an home user fighting daily with Windows who sticks to it cannot be *that* smart.
    And with todays USB peripherals and Firewire the old adagio “I have too much money invested on peripherals already to switch” is again a sign of not being very smart.

    So, staying with Windows because of that old printer and scanner (way outdated by now)? Very smart.

  5. Have to say that my Windows acquaintances tend to be more ignorant on IT stuff than my Mac acquaintances. Mostly it comes from them being Windows users at work and told NOT to touch the configurations for any reasons.
    They use the PC as a dumb terminal to corporate services.

    Mac users as a matter of fact have to integrate themselves in a Windows corporate network and manage their computer so end up knowing much more – even on Windows stuff – then their counterpart.

    And they know enough of both platform to make an informed choice when they can: a Mac.

  6. Here we go again!…

    When will windows users learn to go to Mac and forget Windows?

    Boy – they must be the biggest group of suckers the world has ever known!

  7. If someone only has $500 to spend on a computer they should consider a used iMac/eMac. I just gave my parents my 4+ year old iMac Graphite with 10.3 installed. Works better than a new eMachines or other POS windows computer.

  8. This time I made it: I infected a PC for real.

    ROFL, I had an intense discussion with a Windows idiot gobbling the FUD that Macs do not get viruses because they are so few.

    I dared him to infect mine while I would have tried to infect his.

    LOL, guess who had to reinstall the OS?

    UHAHAHAHAHAHAH, I loved seeing his Windows ego crumble.

    Windows IDIOTS of the world unite: you need that to make half a working brain.

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