More evidence that Mac users are smarter than Windows users

“Are Mac users smarter than PC users? I doubt it’s possible to get a definitive answer, but as long as you don’t take any of it too seriously you can have a lot of fun playing with proxies such as the average user’s ability to read and write his or her native language,” Paul Murphy writes for LinuxInsider.

Murphy writes, “[Ratings for Mac users were] significantly higher than those given Slashdot’s contributors, and thus better than those given text from the PC sites, but the vocabulary was larger too. Without collapsing words to their root forms, but after removing punctuation (including capitalization) and numbers, the Macintouch stuff had 870 unique words to only 517 for the combined PC sites. Overall, the results are pretty clear: Mac users might not actually be smarter than PC users, but they certainly use better English and a larger vocabulary to express more complex thinking.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Just over two years ago, a report from from Nielsen/NetRatings stated, “Those who surf the Web using a Mac tend to be better educated and make more money than their PC-using counterparts.” So, of course Mac users use better English and a larger vocabulary to express more complex thinking. Why? What’s painfully obvious to most Mac users may not seem so clear to the majority of Windows sufferers, so we’ll just flat out say it: Mac users are smarter than Windows users. On that, you can quote us.


  1. I can think as complex as anybody. I choose Windows because everybody else uses it and I do not see any MACS for sale at Wal-Mart or on Home Shopping Channel, so you know nobody uses them. Also, there aren’t any games or other software for MAC, so what good is a computer that just sits there? How’s that for complex?

  2. It is a general observation of most animals that the dumber they are, the larger the group they will form. The more intelligent animals tend to be loners or form small “family” groups.

    It takes intelligence to break from the crowd and hunt on your own � make your own decisions � and to realize that you could be smarter than the group as a whole.

    Windows’ herd mentality:
    – “Everyone uses Windows.”
    – “So many people can’t be wrong!”
    – “I feel safer using what everyone else is using.”

    Apple’s independent mentality”
    [play the video]

    Perhaps, people in general are dumb and naturally join herds (compare city/suburbs with rural populations). It is for this reason that Apple may never be number 1. The Apple staff is constantly trying to “Think Different”, and these changes frighten too many in the herd.

    It is sad though, that the ones within the herd (by the very nature of a herd) are unable to notice that Apple is at the head of the herd. There are rumors and myths of what may lie ahead, but with a herd so large, no one can see the truth. The very thought of possibly moving outside the herd just to take a glimpse of reality is enough to scare them back into the group. It has already been proven that such a tight herd can be easily succumbed by a rapid virus.

    Apple is more of a family group. There is support for each other, and they can explore new routes with much greater ease and flexibility.

    There are followers and there are leaders; a herd mentality or an independent spirit. Which are you?

  3. Pale Rider’s right on the money. We’re not smarter because we use OS-X, we use OS-X because we’re smarter.

    And no, we shouldn’t take it too seriously, it’s a bit of fun.

    I did mail the link to a colleague who likes to say “Macs ar 5hit” to me, just to see if he’ll get a response. Just for fun.

  4. @ NoPCZone: Huh? What’s Boeing’s move got to do with it? Chicago is a great place for a company to move. It’s a central location with two major airports, major railroad distribution points, shipping ports, world-class educational centers, and on and on and on. While Seattle has much of that, it certainly isn’t centrally located. I’m not saying that Boeing had to move, but Chicago is far from being a poor choice.

  5. And we is gonna make more little winders users so their. hows that float yer boats smarty pantz MAC users? betcha we makes mor little uns than u do. how that be fer complex thinkin?

  6. Unfortunately, “Teh amc make roxorz” brings down Mac users’ average intelligence level. Luckily for the rest of us, he’s part of a very small minority, so it’s statistically meaningless.

  7. How did you take that apart?

    Mac user: I looked it over from all sides, determined the order in which I felt it was put together and performed the actions in reverse. (Total time: 12 minutes)

    Windows user: I beat it with a shovel over and over until it fell apart. Some of it’s broken now, but “close enough,” I always say! (Total time: 1 hour, 8 minutes)

  8. Legitimate explanation: Macs are more expensive. Therefore, you must have more money to buy them. Those that have more money tend to be able to afford better education. Thus the deciding factor is money, which affects education and computer choice.

  9. For those who insulted me.

    You do believe anything you read don’t you? If so, then you have shown a major immaturity in your thinking.

    Saying that I’m an idiot is making you intellectually disabled because I haven’t insulted anyone in here. I simply commented this very MDN topic.

    When you disagree with someone you need to have a point to back your view. Insults are for children.

  10. I had no money starting out. But, I had a brain. And I ended up paying for my considerable education loans with my Macintosh-based work. Now, I have the means to be able to live in nice houses and drive nice cars and buy nice Macs. Brains came first (thanks, God) and the money followed.

  11. there are so many Windows users that the weight of their numbers is going to pull their aggregate IQ/salary/level of education down. Doesn’t necessarily make Mac users smarter.

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