The Motley Fool: Apple’s iPod helping sell Macs to ‘the Microsoft masses’

“Isn’t it really just a matter of time before Apple Computer renames itself Apple Entertainment? Earlier this week, it announced that it had sold 100 million musical downloads. Last night, it posted another robust quarter, with earnings more than tripling to $0.16 a share as iPod sales threaten to lap the company’s flagship computers in unit volume,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool.

“In sum, this should be music to investing ears. This isn’t to say that Apple is fading in the desktop space. Macintosh sales actually grew by 19% during the June quarter. However, one has to wonder how far this revival would have gotten if it weren’t for the company’s melodic endeavors,” Munarriz writes. “…you have to attribute some of those Mac sales to Apple getting its brand name into the eyes — and ears — of the Microsoft masses. That is clearly the tasty fruit of its musical harvest.”

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  1. Actually, I can attribute my switch from iTunes for Windows (easily Winblows best program) and a small tour of my friends Mac from a decent Sony laptop to a G5 last November! The Sony wasn’t bad…it was the OS…always updating Winblows all the time…like every other day an update.

    Ahhhh…those were the bad ol’ days. Nothin’ but love for the Mac now. Funny how I had never considered a Mac before…but with these G5’s, how could you not?

  2. I think the better-than-overall-market growth is a natural correction of the worse-than-overall-market growth of last quarter. But here’s hoping they can continue to outpace the industry and grow that market share.

  3. Get people into the Apple stores to buy iPods and they see what class Apple expresses. Next trip to CompUSA and they say to themselves, “Do I want the Chevrolet of computers or the BMW?”

    Nuff said. It’s just a matter of time. Anyone starts a business, it takes several years to gets a toe-hold and begins to really succeed. It’s happening.

  4. Where is the disclaimer? Where TF is the disclaimer? No “but a slew of competitors is joining the fray”; no “but OSX has yet to meet longgone” — nothing; nada; rien; nashi. Man oh man, I was eager to find the disclaimer so I could retort: Isn’t it really just a matter of time before the Motley Fools renamed themselves The Motley Fool and Comdedy Troupe?

    And where is the FUD from the Microsoft troup of “independent” consultants? Has the well oiled FUD machine shut down? Run out of oil?

    There’s only one thing missing here. Could it be that the shortage of Macs is due to a late acceleration of sales? Yeah, iPod will work with iTunes in your virus-infested windoze shistebox. But why not go the whole hog and get a Mac to work with it?

    Consider that there could be a shortage of iPod Minis for the rest of the year. I’ll hazard a guess here: Apple won’t be able to make enough iMacs either to satisfy demand this year. Only one thing to do: order early!

  5. I swtiched from a Sony laptop too last year to a G4 Powerbook mainly for DTP and graphics work – of course I end up dong a lot else besides now and rarely touch the sony. The Mac is miles ahead of the PC in every way. But I can see how a WinXP equipped PC is good enough for most people — until that is you try a Mac�

  6. scratch that.. Mac based REVENUE is up 19%..

    that means that units may be flat.. since.. you know.. macs are expensive..

    what counts is units sold growth vs PC units growth etc.

    Dell could be cutting costs and hacking prices.. they surely can’t be bragging about a high rev.

  7. Maybe our favorite analysts have only one mode when it comes to writing about Apple – if they can’t find anything negative to say, then don’t say anything at all… because then they WOULD look foolish, and not the kind of “foolish” the Motley guys talk about.

    However, it sure would be refreshing if these “analysts” weren’t always harping and carping and complaining and pointing out flaws or missteps or problems or this or that. Maybe if they could allow themselves the permission to admit when they’re wrong every once in a while (and we would then applaud them for it rather than villifying them for all their past mistakes) then we might see a little progress. Then again, they don’t get paid to admit when they’re wrong, so I’ll not hold out much hope.

  8. This makes me even more convinced that along with the new roll out of appropriate technology and software and timing that the next iPod and iMac are going to be very closely aligned and integrated both techically and marketing wise, and with HP allowed to come along for a ride- at least somewhat. If that works it could be a gem of a move, meaning that the best computer, iPod (mp3 player) and Hi Fi conectivity experience (and therefore media experience) will be through the Mac but if you do stick with PC then HP will be the best option giving Apple increased direct and indirect sales and increasing profits and influence even with the sales of PC’s.

    Microsofts extreme power in a world increasingly shared competitively with other big hitters in the media/electronics world who fear it, could just allow a smaller more nimble and streetwise competitor make serious inroads in all sorts of directions. It may even be said in years to come that the biggest mistake that Microsoft made back them was NOT splitting their business when they were pushed.

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