Windows XP Service Pack 2 is no answer, Mac OS X for Intel could be

“Two and a half years after promising a secure Windows, Microsoft is within a month – maybe – of releasing Windows XP Service Pack 2. It will do a lot to fix viruses and Trojans, but like a tired old general always fighting the last war it won’t do much for the current and most lethal security threats we face,” Rupert Goodwins writes for ZDNet UK.

Goodwins writes that Windows’ real problem is applications management and the OS should force users to approve installation of new applications. This would defeat spyware and adware for the most part.

Goodwins suggests that if Windows can’t accomplish this properly, users will have to consider other OS options, including a potential port of Mac OS X to x86 hardware.

Full article here.

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  1. The reason why you can’t just pop the CD into a regular PC is because of the Mac’s ROM chip and a Windows based machine’s BIOS. If a proper loader could become a software solution (or even a USB dongle) they could port OS X in a heartbeat. I’m sure it’s a prospect they are seriously considering.

  2. That’s true Anon. It almost makes you wonder if one day in the future we may end up seeing it. It won’t happen anytime soon though however, but it’s always nice for Apple to have that “option” at their disposal.

  3. You know maybe they should port to x86. I just opened my second Dual 2 Ghz G5 just to get nothing but fast fans and blow ups..After years of using the shitty ass hardware that comes from cupertino..I would be happy to go to OS X on my athlon 64…At least my hardware isnt crap….2 G5’s.??..Anyone have an answer as to why I have had 2 DOA G5’s…anybody????

    1st you turn it on and the fans practically rocket the system out the door..the screen comes up then dies….WTF?????????

    Here it goes again…sounds like a friggin airplane…

  4. x86…if that happened. It will be ALL Apple Hardware except for the Intel chip. After all Apple is a hardware company. And both choices (PowerPC inside and Intel inside) will be priced the same to even the playing field. BUT, it wont happen.

  5. I agree 100% with “giofoto”. Apple is a hardware company, not unlike Dell, but Apple decided to create and control the ENTIRE computer experience so they developed their own OS. It makes no sense to port the OS to the sea of half-baked Intel/AMD-based boxes out there. The stability of the Mac OS wouldn’t too much better than that of Microsoft (save for the virus problems).

    As long as IBM gives Apple what they need in terms of hardware, you’ll never see an Intel or AMD CPU in an Apple, and regardless, you’ll NEVER see the OS for sale to the generic Wintel market.

    Making an OS is not rocket science. If someone REALLY wanted to be innovative, they could make an easy-to-use OS that runs on BOTH the Macs and Intel/AMD boxes.

  6. Not true, Peter. There must be a ROM that checks for a valid start-up disk and folder. This ROM is what generates the brief folder with the question mark. If you removed all hard drives and other media from the Mac and then started it up, you’d still get that folder w/ question mark icon as the Mac searches for the proper start-up files.

  7. yawn.. open architecture to greatness…

    what we love about apple’s accelerated innovation is due to closed arch.


    bill gates is the richest man because he understood the value chain more than steve jobs

  8. Personally I don’t think Apple will do this except as a last resort. I can see why they keep it up to date though.

    WIndows Users should just buy an Apple Computer and try it out. Not only is the OS Superior but the Hardware rocks too. There is a reason why you see Macs so much in the movies and in commercials etc. They are beautiful.

    fckngnutz you made me laugh. 😀

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