RUMOR: New 4G ‘slim’ iPods in a variety of colors to debut in August

“Apple will announce new iPod models in August, reliable sources have confirmed to Think Secret. The new models will be smaller, sleeker, and will come in a variety of colors,” ThinkSecret reports. “The new iPod models will reportedly be more compact and have been described as similar to the iPod mini in design, but will still possess features found only in the existing white-colored model.”

Sources report the new models will be available in a variety of new colors… [and feature] larger hard drive sizes as compared to Apple’s current offerings. Pricing is expected to be similar to the current iPod MSRP,” ThinkSecret reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rumor. Grain of salt and all that. Sounds logical, though. The only thing is, will they have color screens, too?


  1. There go my two reasons for wanting an iPod Mini: colours and slimness. I can wait for a few more weeks, especially with all this uncertainty about availability for iPod Minis.

  2. Think Secret is very rarely wrong. Though, that’s mostly because they get word of these things only days before they are announced. This one is weeks off, not days, so it’s not their style. However, I believe it.

  3. Voice recorder is made by third parties such as Belkin and will eventually come to the mini. All accesories available for regular iPod will migrate to mini eventually. It took over a year for the same devices to be available for the regular iPod from vendors.

  4. larger HD’s.. 4G ipOds.. haha.. okay i get it.. 4th Generation..

    Actually Apple would be silly to change the dimensions too much, unless most accessories are adjustable.. it could get really annoying using ipod accessories, like, sleeves, holders etc

  5. I hope Apple gets all the parts snafus fixed soon. I have people waiting for mini’s but now when they come available over here I may have to tell my friends that maybe they should wait just a bit more. This waiting is not a good situation. High quality problem for Apple though, more demand that they can fill.

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