President Bush, candidate Kerry both use Apple PowerBooks

In Time Magazine’s July 19 issue, on page 31, John Kerry is seen using an Apple PowerBook (15″ TiBook, it looks like). The photo, taken by Diana Walker, is captioned “From his study in the family’s Pittsburgh, PA, home, Kerry phones Edwards to officially invite the North Carolina Senator to be his running mate.” This comes on the heels of the report, “Vice President Dick Cheney a confirmed Apple iPod user” and, of course we all know that, at least back in 1998 when the photo of Bush was snapped, President Bush uses a PowerBook, too. That just leaves V.P. candidate John Edwards’ choice of platform in question.

MacDailyNews Take: You’d think that with Apple CEO Steve Jobs advising John Kerry and with Al Gore on Apple’s Board of Directors, Steve could figure out a way to get Kerry a new 17″ PowerBook – at least for photo ops.

Update: Updated PowerBook model speculation as per Seahawk’s post below.

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  1. That cannot be a 17″ model: never had ports on the back, hence it is a TiBook.

    Uhmm, both candidates use Powerbooks. Who to vote now? Here goes a major selection factor.

  2. Thank God Kerry is an Mac User. I was worried there for a while cuz there is no way I could vote for Bush even if he is an Mac User and of course I think it would be better if our President was an Mac User. If not for any other reason then just because using a PC would probably make him cranky and you don’t want the guy with the button being any more cranky than he has to.

  3. Bush is using the old Pismo Powerbook and Kerry is using the new 17″ Powerbook. I think Miss Tereza Heinz used her billions to buy Kerry that 17 incher. While Bush….I guess already spent his money on his Daughters and got them Powerbooks with iPods. So, he still has the old one for now. (All the above after the first sentence is purely speculation)

  4. That’s great that it’s now confirmed, but there is still no way I could vote for Kerry even if he is a Mac User. Maybe since Steve Jobs is helping with the campaign, he “donated” the PowerBook to Kerry. Or maybe it came for Al Gore. haha Well, a 15″ PowerBook makes for a nice “campaign contribution” I’d say. ; )

  5. If he’s such a big Mac user, why didn’t Kerry speak up last year during the televised debate? When the question was posed then, only Al Sharpton said he used a Mac. I guess once Steve Jobs endorsed him, Kerry figured he had better go buy one pretty quick so Jobs and Al Gore wouldn’t get pissed at him.

  6. if he’s using OS9, then he’s an old school mac user

    the bush photo was taken in ’98, so he may have switched to the dark side before he took office. This would be why he killed the Microsoft anti-trust case. Or maybe he was pressured into doing that by Dick.

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