Live Apple Q3 2004 earnings conference call coverage

Apple Computer today is expected to report a per-share profit of 15 cents for its third quarter according to analysts polled by Thomson First Call. MacDailyNews will be covering the conference call live and notes will be added to this page as the event unfolds.

Apple will provide live audio streaming of its FY 04 Third Quarter Results Conference Call utilizing QuickTime 6. The live audio webcast will be accessible through Apple


  1. Apple CEO Peter Oppenheimer (P.O.) introduced.

    Shouldn’t it be “Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer …” he is the guy who replaced Fred Anderson? I hope Jobs is still Apple’s CEO!!

  2. Very impressive listening to those superlatives describing the over-the-top demand for the iPod Mini [ extremely-extremely ].

    Now all Sony and Dull have to do is convince those in the queue to opt for an atrac3 or wilma player … gghh … bbhhb … bwahahahahaha!! $100 rebate for turning in your iPod? You’d get much more than that in eBay.

    The only thing that might work is: “Buy a Dell DJ and get a free iPod.”

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