Live Apple Q3 2004 earnings conference call coverage

Apple Computer today is expected to report a per-share profit of 15 cents for its third quarter according to analysts polled by Thomson First Call. MacDailyNews will be covering the conference call live and notes will be added to this page as the event unfolds.

Apple will provide live audio streaming of its FY 04 Third Quarter Results Conference Call utilizing QuickTime 6. The live audio webcast will be accessible through Apple


  1. Won’t be anything to watch as it is a audio teleconference call with the analysts put on hold waiting to ask their questions and Apple not answering them. Of course Steve and Phil and the rest of the gang will be there to trumpet their successes up to now. Don’t expect any one at Apple to confirm anything about the iMac “problems” and when the upcoming Special Event for the new iPod will occur. (I could be wrong, but the last 3 years has been this week!).

  2. Forgot. They ALWAYS broadcast these Quarterly conference calls live. Nothing new. Most major companies do the same. This is not when new products are unveiled.

  3. “iMac G5 heating issue not a critical factor. Wafer supply is cause of delay.”

    Which puts those rumors (not reports) about heat issues to rest. Guys, if it’s on AppleInsider, it’s a rumor.

    “50% of computers Apple selling in retail stores new to Mac or coming back to Mac from ‘other’ platforms.”

    America, come home? :^)

    I wish they’d have a date attached to this. I’ve heard this statistic for quite some time and, while I don’t necessarily doubt it, it would be good to know whether they’re quoting the research from 2002 or if they have some more recent data.

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