Apple beats Street, up on strong earnings in heavy trading

In after hours trading, “among heavily traded issues, Apple Computer was up 2.9 percent after it reported earnings and sales that beat analysts’ expectations. The maker of sleekly designed technology products was the second most-active issue of the session,” Christopher Noble reports for CBS MarketWatch. “The company reported fiscal third-quarter profit of 16 cents a share on revenue of $2.01 billion. Analysts had been expecting profit of 15 cents a share on sales of $1.94 billion, according to a Thomson First Call survey.”

Apple shares rose $1.95 cents to $31.53 in extended trading. They earlier gained 36 cents to $29.58 in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading and have risen 38 percent this year.

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  1. Imagine what the combination of suitable worldwide supplies of the iPod mini, Indies on the Euro iTMS, the dominance of the .AAC codec and the Christmas rush will be like!!!!

  2. Where are all those doom and groom analysts now? If they are willing to be accountable of what they said, I like to smack their head with my new G5 iMac when I get my order in !!!!

  3. There weren’t really any reputable “doom and gloom” analysts. If you go to the Thompson-First Call site you can read the range of predictions on Apple’s earnings by the various analysts and they were all in the ball park. I think you’re confusing them with columnists such as Enderle, Thurrott and Dvorak. They are of the “doom and gloom” cult.

  4. Now sell people the headless mac, and LET PEOPLE ADD MORE CPU’S BY PUTTING THEM IN THE PCI-SLOT’S. NEVER released by Commodore (Amiga), and ATARI was a system that COULD HAVE AS MANY AS 17 CPU’S ADDED. 17 GHZ sound good to you? Even at 1GHZ PER CPU that’s BETTER than ANYTHING NOW FROM APPLE OR MS/INTEL. THANK’s MACDAILY for letting me speak my mind. I’m sending this post to APPLE. AT 17 GHZ, I think my DV editing takes on a whole new meaning. BASIC at machine language speeds anyone? THINK TRANSPUTER.

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