CNN/Money: ‘dark days lie ahead’ for Apple, Jobs should appoint ‘co-CEO’

“By all accounts, it’s been a great first half of the year for Apple. Its stock price has been cresting along near its 52-week high, all changes in analyst coverage for the year thus far have been upgrades, and the company just announced that it is going international with its hot new iPod flavor, the Mini,” Eric Hellweg writes for CNN/Money.

“I hate to rain on a parade. But based on my research and a sampling of observer opinions I solicited for this article, I think some dark days lie ahead for the wizards of Cupertino,” Hellweg writes. “‘This is going to be a tough second half of the year for Apple,’ says Rob Enderle, principal analyst with the Enderle Group. ‘No matter where you look, it’s stormy clouds.'”

Hellweg laments Apple’s iMac delay, writing, “it means that Apple will not have new products on the shelf for the back-to-school shopping season.” Hellweg also writes that Apple’s in trouble, “because there’s a two-month waiting list to get the [iPod mini] in the United States. Apple’s competitors are ready to pounce, to put their own iPod-like devices into the hands of consumers who aren’t willing to wait for Apple to get on the stick.”

Hellweg goes on to wonder why Steve Jobs hasn’t appointed a “co-CEO to help him with the operational side of Apple so he could stick to the vision thing” and states that “Apple’s computer division is suffering from lack of operational stewardship and cultural malaise” brought on by the success of the iPod division.

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  1. funny, funny. always the same sources. they already know what story to write, so they just go to the “default” naysayer.

    want to bet both Hellweg and Enderle are planning to buy some Apple stock tomorrow?

    “not willing to wait”? hmm, that must be why they are still having trouble fulfilling orders. no, no, the continued demand just means that people are not willing to wait. call me an analyst!

  2. While the delays on various Apple products DOES SUCK, I doubt it’s the end of the world.

    Note how he quotes Enderle, the <sarcasm>most accurate of analysts</sarcasm>.

  3. Doom and gloom. Doom and gloom. Apple’s doing great but all they can see is doom and gloom. There is no news unless its doom and gloom so they invent it.

  4. people who want ipod minis will wait, it sucks but, i dont think people set on buying a mini decide to buy a dell dj instead because its going to take a while to ship the mini.

    what no one seems to realize is: you get what you pay for.

    if you want a cheap crappy mp3 player buy a knock off, if you want a crappy pc buy a -insert favorite discount vendor name here-. high end pcs are well made machines, the operating system sucks, but the hardware is top. apples are some of those high end pcs. so until there is no longer a demand for quality, apple will be in good shape.

  5. Enderle used to be really high on Apple back when he was in a different group (Forrester or Jupiter, wasn’t it?). Lately he seems to be forecasting doom & gloom. I don’t get it. Apple is getting rave reviews on all product lines, more industry purchases are occurring, diversification with iPod and iTMS, supercomputing clusters making the news. So the products are off for a month or 2 – I think Apple is in good shape.

  6. There is a glimmer of truth to the article though. Whether it was poor planning or just bad luck, you can’t make money if you don’t have anything to sell and impulse buyers who want to switch aren’t going to wait. Only those who really know Apple are going to be willing to ride out the stocking problems.

    The iMac situation is really strange. I’m hoping it was the result of something really unique coming with the new iMac that just wasn’t quite ready for prime time.

  7. I’m a good example of ‘people willing to wait’:

    I waited seven long months to order my new G5 and display – which I did on June 30.

    I could have bought a Gateway or (god forbid!) a Dull during those months. But I remained patient and waited….and waited…because I knew what I was planning on purchasing was a state-of-the-art quality product, and nothing I could have bought would even come close to my G5.

    I am waiting patiently for its arrival (hopefully) in a couple of weeks.

  8. I’m waiting for the new iMac for my home. I have dual G5 2 Ghz at work. It is awesome. But at home I want something more intimate, so I keep my 600 Mhz iMac chugging along until Aug 31st. The world will see a new iMac that is as REVOLUTIONARY as the first iMac. Note: water cooled G5 processor and detachable tablet screen for mobile web surfing around the house! Plus hot new 20th anniversary design

  9. Simple business model:

    Come up with product you think people will want + advertise product + sell product to those people wanting it

    Apple model:

    Come up with product you think people will want +
    advertise it mercilessly and reap much free additional coverage due to innovative design + instead of selling product to people wanting, instead make sure you have none of product and ask people to come back a few months later + pay people to stand around in Apple Stores to say “We don’t have any and don’t know when we will be getting more.”

  10. My last years technology 1.25 eMac w/Superdrive was shipped on Thursday and should arrive tomorrow or so, enderle(note lower case). Boy, do I feel gloomy and doomy. Do ya’ll think I should return it, now that we read his article??
    If this is that is left for him to twist and distort, then Apple must be doing pretty darn good. Sorry enderly had to put off his drooling for a few more months when he sees the G5 iMac.

  11. What reason would Steve Jobs have in naming a “co-chairman”? Maybe Hellwig should hire a “co-writer to help with his column, it’s obvious that it is too much for one untalented writer to handle.

  12. Oh my God! All those private schools that have waiting lists for several years, they are obviously going down the drain! Much like the iPod mini!

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