ZDNet: ‘Apple has its worms, too. Why not switch to a Windows PC?’

“The conventional wisdom is that most people use PCs because they have to, and Macs are the easier, safer, and more reliable option. But if you’re a Mac user, you already know about their persistent fulfillment problems, the $129 price tag for all OS X updates, and gradually increasing security concerns. The latest? Apple’s planning to release a new iMac, but it won’t be available until September–well after Apple stores run out of the current model. Maybe it’s actually time to think about switching to a PC,” ZDNet’s site (part of CNET Networks, Inc.) actually reads before they take a look at (try to sell) a bunch of Wintel junk. This steaming paragraph was found plopped out under the headline, “Apple has its worms, too. Why not switch?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unbelievable. Do they hide more of this crap in reviews of Wintel junk assuming Mac users would never bother to look at a bunch of seriously ugly plastic space heaters running a badly-faked version of Classic Mac OS? No, we didn’t find this one (how could we have?) – a user forwarded us the link. The MDN reader wishes to remain anonymous as he “is embarrassed to have been reading it in the first place. My eyes are in pain. I am truly sorry. And long live Macintosh!”

“The conventional wisdom is that most people use PCs because they have to, and Macs are the easier, safer, and more reliable option.” In this case, the conventional wisdom is perfectly correct and the nameless ZDNet writer of this tripe is a shameless whore. As is the editor who proofread it, if there even was one.

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  1. 129 for an OS upgrade is reasonable. M$ windows xp upgrade was $200 and the full version was $300. At least there were major innovations in mac upgrades compared to win2k to xp. Win XP just looked different and placed things in different places; no really new cool features.

  2. Really now. After a while, this crap is sort of funny. Let them say what they will. The proof is still in the computing experience, and Windoze has never come close to the feel of a Mac . . .

  3. Lame…who can’t wait another 6 weeks for the new iMac and would rather go ahead a buy a PC.

    hmmm…lets look at Longhorn and Tiger. Longhorn 2006-2007, Tiger 2005…look who’s waiting now?! Until then, enjoy those XP, IE critical updates.

  4. That is an unbelievable load of bull… And that’s coming from a guy who has used (sold, evangelized) PC’s for the last 15 years, and just recently switched to a Mac.


    PC has its worms, too. Why not switch?
    Macs are the easier, safer, and more reliable option. If you’re a PC user, you already know about their monopolizing issues, the hundreds of free critical updates, and exploding security concerns. The latest? Microsoft�s planning to release a new operating system, but it won’t be available until 2005, wait, 2006, no! 2050–decades after Apple�s OS X Tiger. Maybe it’s actually time to think about switching to a Mac. Consider these alternatives. MAC!

  6. I checked, and nope, April 1st has come and gone. I agree with bleekr, after a while this stuff is sort of funny, but tinged with pathetic desperation. The article states that Mac users “already know about their persistent fulfillment problems”. Really? I certainly don’t have any. My 15″ AlBook and Panther have exceeded my expectations. The writer can’t seriously be suggesting that the Macs “problems” are anywhere near as numerous, annoying or potentially serious as those of PC’s, much less bad enough to induce a Mac user to switch. I hope the ZDnet editorial staff has enough asbestos boxers to go around, because I don’t need a crystal ball to foresee that their asses are going to get flamed.

  7. The title now reads “Apple’s no-show iMacs” like a regular news article might, but once you click on it, it switches to “Apple has its worms, too. Why not switch?”

    It makes me sick.

    And happy at the same time.

    This means that Apple is doing something RIGHT, and ZDNet (and others) are starting to get scared.

    I think they’re anticipating September, and what it brings.

  8. $129 for an upgrade, not $129 for an update. There is a difference. Updates are generally free, upgrades generally aren’t.

    This was a hilarious way to start my Saturday morning after breakfast. I have to head out to Harvey Norman now to buy a PC as I can’t wait a few weeks for the new iMacs….. Lucky I found this article, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do!

  9. The fullfillment problems are referring to shipping delays which have been pretty bad this year.

    I think the second half of this year will turn out better for Apple as far as their supply goes.

  10. Unfortunately for Apple it has set itself up so high that if it does not hit a home run everytime it comes up to bat, the 97% that don�t use Apple make it an easy target to attack.

    And unfortunately for Apple, the last year or so has been filled with lots of bunts, foul balls and strike outs.

    (Okay…I metaphored that editorial comment to death.)

    The iMac delivery date of Sept. has been Apple-ized. In actuality it will be announced in late September with delivery after the Christmas shopping season…unfortunately.

  11. Whats funny is that no one even dared to put their name on it, and no way to comment on the page. And the computers they put up were all brands we loathe. Dell, eMachines…. what a joke. If I was to venture back to PCs I would only look at HPs as I know that Sonys are nice but only last about 18 months before the problems start in.

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