Turn Apple’s Safari browser into PDF viewer with free ‘PDF Browser Plugin 2’

PDF Browser Plugin turns your web browser into the best PDF viewer available. PDF Browser Plugin displays Quartz compatible PDF documents within web browsers. With the help of PDF Browser Plugin you can view PDF documents directly in your web browser, print them, and save them to disk if you’d like to keep them.

PDF Browser Plugin 2 is free for private use at home for not-for-profit activities and for use at educational institutions for not-for-profit activities.

The US$69 site license is valid for all computers of a single organization within a 5-mile perimeter.

MacDailyNews highly recommends this Plugin. More info and download link here.

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  1. kk, Ryan.. the one point that you both miss is that you don’t have to download it on your desktop to view it. to use preview you must download (unless there’s a plugin that apple ships with OS X), to use this you don’t have to download.

  2. I agree with IT guy; I prefer to have my desktop uncluttered with a bunch of downloaded PDF files, so this plugin has been a real timesaver for casual PDF viewing. I’m happy to hear they’ve released a new version. Incidentally, they also released a new version of their Word doc plugin as well…

  3. Of course you have to download the whole file, even if you’re using the plugin. It downloads it to /tmp, so you won’t have to erase it later on.

  4. Hi,

    I thought I would try this an downloaded it. I tried to drag the white imation type zip drive to put it into the library/internet plug in as stated by the instructions. The installer ? stayed on the desk top and only allowed a copy to be placed in the internet plug ins folder.

    So restarted the iMac ( panther) selected safari and it is exactly the same as it was before this download. A PDF browser plug in is loacted in the aforesaid folder.

    What am I doing wrong?


    George UK

  5. There’s a prevalent myth that browsers show you pages without “downloading” them, because people think “download” refers only to files which are kept indefinitely. “Download” actually refers to any transfer of data from the server to the client — and all web pages, displayed graphics, PDFs, and anything else displayed by the browser must be downloaded.

    Downloading the entire PDF is necessary to view it — the only difference between viewing it with the Plug-In and viewing it through Preview/Acrobat, is where the file is downloaded to — the temporary “cache” area, or the user’s preferred permanent download location.

    The chief benefit of using the Plug-In is in having fewer running applications, which was more important in Mac OS 9 than in Mac OS X, but can still be useful in some situations.

    A seconday benefit can be that you don’t have to manually throw out the PDF once viewed, if you don’t want to save it. How much benefit there is to this, depends on how many PDFs you read and don’t need or want to keep. In my case, most PDFs worth reading, are worth retaining for later reference.

    Be seeing you.

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