Apple’s new 30-inch Cinema Display makes one ‘weak at the knees’

“Apple’s cinema displays have always made Macintosh fans (and indeed most people with eyes) go weak at the knees. This time, though, they’ve excelled themselves with a new 30″ display that is truly beautiful,” Fraser Lovatt writes for Digital-Lifestyles.Info in a piece headlined, “Apple 30-inch Cinema Display Possibly Single Most Desirable Piece of Technology on Planet.”

“You could conceivably plug it into a PC, but that’s just wrong and you know it. At just 0.08 cents per pixel, they obviously represent fabulous value for money,” Lovatt writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: You can’t plug the 30-inch model into a PC. It’s Mac-only. According to Apple, “The 30-inch Cinema HD Display requires the next level of DVI connectivity – ‘dual link’ to drive the massive amount of pixels to the screen. And the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL graphics card (available from the Apple Store) delivers, with the most advanced graphics engine available. This card, designed specifically to support the dual link DVI connection, delivers 2560 by 1600 resolution. Even better, it can drive two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays, giving you the ultimate creative canvas. This card will be available for Mac only in August 2004.” The 20-inch and 23-inch models will work with PCs and Macs.


  1. I have a 23″ cinema display and love it. I am stationed in Germany and don’t have a TV. I use my PowerMac and the display as my DVD player, stereo, etc. and it works great.

  2. actually, you can use it on a PC…

    You can get the same card in a PC version. Also, I have seen reports that the Maatrox Pirahlia may work as well…

    But, I agree with the quote “that’s just wrong and you know it”

  3. I played with it at WWDC (we do software for building display profiles and I just had to make sure it worked with the display… :^). I agree, it is awesome. The neatest thing, to me. was that sitting in front of it–with my face about two feet from the screen–the display took up almost my entire field of vision.

    Unfortunately, at $3898 ($3299 + 599). it’s a tad out of my price range. Actually, I’m waiting for the OLED displays–less power consumption and more accurate color across the display. When they come out with the 30″ OLED display, I am so there.

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