Apple’s earnings report on July 14 has attention of tech investors

“Tech investors will have their hands full next week as quarterly earnings reports start coming in from Apple Computer, Juniper Networks and others,” Rex Crum reports for CBS MarketWatch.

“Analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call expect Apple (AAPL) to earn 15 cents a share on $1.94 billion in revenue when it delivers third-quarter results July 14. Investors and analysts will likely be most interested in any insight Apple gives into its fourth-quarter outlook,” Crum reports. “On July 2, Apple said it would delay the release of the newest version of its iMac personal computer until September and would not take any more orders for its current line of iMacs. Such a move could hinder Apple’s momentum during the summer back-to-school shopping season.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple mainly sells eMacs and iBooks to schools, not iMacs. So where’s the hinderance to Apple’s momentum? Answer: There is little to none; it’s a canard.


  1. there could be studentsgoing to college who wold rather have an iMac.

    But I do agree that the general education population will be buying more eMacs and iBooks.

  2. While schools may not buy many iMacs, consumers do. Apple will miss out on the back to school rush of consumers flocking to apple stores. That is the market this article is undoubtedly referring to.

  3. Perhaps it is all an elaborate scheme to get users to buy G5s. They see that there are no iMacs but see the beautiful G5s in all their glory and get a little spending crazed. Leave it to Apple to read the public’s wants and needs on a sub-conscious level. In Jobs We Trust.

  4. story is nothing but spin, you cant sell out of a empty store. lets see iMacs,ipod mini,Xserve and dual 2.5 powermacs,even Emacs are out. how do you sell from a empty store while your markestshare has been declining for years? stock is overvalued if anything. story is pure B.S. did they mention how much of those earnings come from investments rather then sales?

  5. eMAcs RULE! I totally love the shape, just like a Japanese Bullet train.

    The new iMacs are gonna be so good, Apple will still shift as many machines as they can for now and then sales will HIT THE ROOF and the ‘anal’ysts will be proven wrong AGAIN.

    Honestly, seriously, I ask this question with total seriousness: where do these ‘anal’ysts get their information from, and who on earth employs them to ‘anal’yse, because they need to be fired. ASAP.

    Anaylse that!

  6. It’s too early to tell about the back to school season. I’m seeing more and more iBook promotions that seem to end in July. That seems to me that the iBook will see an upgrade fairly soon. And there is room for such an upgrade even now among the G4 class of processors.

    And, there is nothing to indicate that we will not see another round of Powerbook upgrades as well before the G5 derived powerbooks appear, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Freescale squeeze another 200MHz out of the G4 and maybe a integrated memory controller to boot to remove the FSB scaling issue.

    That may leave us with one more surprise, that is, a headless consumer/education Mac. Apple only said the new iMac will be delayed till September. It said nothing of altogether a new product line to replace the now eol’ed PowerMac G4 for the low and mid tier desktops. I personally see the PowerMac G5 as a workstation computer. Which means that Apple needs a new desktop altogether.

  7. When you don’t have product (iMacs) that account for, what, 25-35% of expected revenues, it does hurt the bottom line. Also, with shortfall availability on eMacs, Apple is not going to have a great quarter. That, together with constraints on iPod mini availability things certainly could be much better. Oh yes, iBook sales have flattened out and even fallen during this past quarter as well. The line is old and competition is offering more bang for the buck. MDN’s spin this time doesn’t hold water I’m afraid.

  8. Students should be buying laptops. Then then they can take it to the library and do their work. Plus most schools are going wireless in libraries and even some classrooms. IMHO, a $1000 ibook (Ed price) can’t be beat, plus, if your getting an ipod too, then you can get $200 off with the “cram and jam” promotion.

  9. i am a student. There’s no way in hell a student is going to spring for a 1400 iMac..

    when you can get an eMac.. or *pfft a $600 PC (CDN dollars here)

  10. There are two “educational” markets. Students, mostly college, who purchase computers and schools K-12 who purchase desktops (eMacs). Both areas have been down for Apple. G5’s are also not selling in the quantities Apple had hoped either. No matter how you spin it, things could be better. $1000 laptops are too much for many parents (who buy for their kids), particularly when there are machines in the $600-$700 price range available. School districts are still holding off in many purchases – albeit some are “buying” iBooks. They’re actually leasing them at large discounts. Sometimes one has to be realistic about these things.

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