Windows Lovegate worm variant renders computers useless; Macintosh unaffected

The most-recent variant of the Windows “Lovegate” worm searches for .exe files (executables or applications) and renames them. First surfacing in February 2003, the newest “Lovegate” worms are the result of a long line of mutations. The most recent versions, discovered Sunday, are called Lovegate.AE and Lovegate.AH.

Because it replaces .exe files on the local hard drive with further copies of itself. This process leaves an infected computer unable to run any applications.

Read more at CNET in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: For Windows-only users, information on how to smoothly add a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal is here. Do it and you’ll never look back.


  1. Don’t y’all get sick of always reading this kinda news? Come on, stop attacking Windows faults and start promoting Mac pluses. I’ve got my new eMac in my home network, and honestly, I’m not that impressed.

  2. Keo, just give it time. Most people only start appreciating OSX after a couple of weeks using it. It’s only then that you start to find the bits that make life easier.

  3. and Pee Cee users keep making fun of us Mac Users hahahahaha! I believe it’s the other way, at least I don’t have to worry about stupid vulnerabilities that should have being patched a long time ago. That was one of the discussions I had at a LAN party we had (99% PC’s) with a friend, who was being a jerk because I didn’t had installed on the Mac Need for Speed Underground and another FPS that I don’t remember the name, but looked hyper realistic, one of the newer ones that I guess starts with an F. Anyway, he said, get a fscking PC man you Mac user! I said, this is a job tool, used sometimes to play, if you want games get a console. He replied that there are thousands of programs for PC, which I replied, well, and from those thousands an millions of programs, how many do you use, have installed on your PC, and use daily. Most of the software is crap, and at least I don’t have to worry about viruses,trojans, toolbars installing on your Internet Exploder, and of course, dealing with multi firewall systems, like zone alert, Norton crap and many others you have installed, which make a nightmare on LAN Parties because the stupid PC wouldn’t accept new network settings without freaking out. Because of this “stupid Mac” you actually played on the Lan party because none of those stupid PC couldn’t even see each other on the network neighborhood, only the mac could see all of them and know their correct IP’s, so it helped you guys setup the LAN. Finally the nail in the coffin for the guy, by the way, real men use UNIX.

  4. You’re not impressed? I am, my eMac is so full of advantages and ‘pluses’ over a windows machine it isn’t funny. The fact that it doesn’t suffer at all from viruses, trojans and the like is just one of them. I urge you to more fully investigate your computer’s abilities, particularly the wealth of excellent UNIX utlities (in both CLI and GUI wrapped versions), the ease of media creation/editing/archiving and the level of customisation available. I now look back on my Windows days as being like trapped in a particularly horrible prison, where viruses were just another ache in an already painful experience.

  5. Keo, I’ve been slowly learning more about my eMac over the last couple years. It blows away anything windoze with what comes installed. An Apache web server built in? An email server built in? Which of your win machines have either of those? The problems I’ve had with networking it to win machines have been on the win side. I’m looking forward to getting rid of that side of the equation. I just started Folding@Home, so my computer is actually being used for something good even when I’m at work. If you’re not impressed, you just haven’t gotten far enough into it. I’ve found tons of great info at [url=][/url] Check it out and learn more!

  6. This sounds like a great virus … what a wonderful concept. For many mac users, anything with a “.exe” suffix is almost an insult, so clearly, this virus is simpatico.

    Since we seem to get news like this often, I propose a Mac rating system for trojans and viruses that affect Windoze according to their nuisance value: 1-10 “Microflops” [Microsoft flops] for virulence (integers only); 0 – 0.9 for style (decimals only). The decimal is where the fun is.

    Score 1 MicroFlop for prank viruses that only pop up a scare message — 1.9 if the message sports impeccable wit;

    Score 9 MicroFlops for something that requires a complete OS reinstall with loss of all data; 10 if the hardware needs to be junked.

    Lovegate.AE/.AH Worm — 8.9 MicroFlops [applause].

  7. PC users who switch to Macs often have a hard time appreciating the level of integration, simplicity, elegance, and ease-of-use that Macs offer. Those of us fortunate enough to have used Macs for a long time, or lucky enough to have started early on with Macs or UNIX, often take for granted these differences. It’s one thing to switch, but another to wake up and smell the coffee. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> They have to shake off their Windows conditioning and believe that using a computer is not a chore, but an enjoyable and productive experience. 😀

  8. I had a friend who got a powerbook with 10.3 and did not get it so he gave it to his wife. Nearly 8 months latter all the PC’s on his home network were infected with the latest Windows virus and he had to do complete reinstalls to regain control of the machines…

    Of course his wife was not effected and to this day he still thinks the Mac is a joke.

    …some people will never get it…
    they are blinded, just following the group, unable to think rationally…
    and that scares me because these are the people for the most part in charge of our world.

    | |

  9. p.356 man, THAT dude is a joke.

    OS X are used for the most serious of the tasks now. Something a serious scientist would not dare to approach with a Windows machine.

    Of course Linux is another story.

    BTW, if you look at the archive on this site I once told that our group had a minority of OS X machines but people were intrigued.
    I am happy to tell you all that our group at the lab has now the vast majority of OS X platforms. Windows/Linux dual booters are vanishing fast.
    In the corridor now there are now 9 Macs happily crunching numbers and running high energy physics software. Only 4 Wintel PC remaining to be assimilated.

  10. They have to shake off their Windows conditioning and believe that using a computer is not a chore, but an enjoyable and productive experience. 😀

    How true that is! Pretty much every “ordinary” person I know will generalize whatever frustrations and humiliating experiences they’ve had using PCs/Windows to include every computer/OS, without ever having used anything else. These troubles continue to cripple potential and inspiration. And, in varying degrees, they’re negatively rubbing off into other things beyond computing, too.

  11. i really get sick of hearing all this; come on. this doesn’t effect mac users. mdn only posts so mac fan boys come here and starts flaming about the pc so mdn gets more $$$ from the ads.

    please. give. me. news.

    we already no the mac doesn’t have any virus.

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