Report: eMac supply ‘extremely limited’ this month, 15GB iPod heads for extinction



  1. I hope the new iPods are coming I’m definately going to get one without a doubt with my new 17″ PB and let’s see whether apple will bring out new eMacs also.

  2. Was it really a “blunder”?
    Look at all of the press about Apple. Stories about a dwindling stock imply a high demand. Why are all of these people buying Macs?

    Perhaps, Apple marketing is just as bright and innovative as the rest of the company. How much time do you spend at reading a billboard or a actually watching a tv ad? It makes much more sense to have a full news article about your products for FREE. People will remember the news about Apple’s quickly diminishing supply more than they would some obscure speed rating of their CPU or something odd called “Expos�” during a short advertisement.

    It seems that Apple’s marketing is not about creating advertising, but one of creating news… news that people will remember.

  3. Aryugaetu, that is a stretch, even for you. Most consumers aren’t privy to the “news” that we get. When they want to buy something they do expect it to be available, however. Unless you are the brother of the marketing person who, combined with the production person, made this blunder, please think up something more reasonable. A full quarter of sketchy supply and even more to come if Apple matches its past new product performance, are not anyone else’s idea of a plan.

  4. Aryugaetu… there are two kinds of advertising..

    things a company says about itself : expensive and not convinving
    things others say about a company: free and very convincing

    the only thing actual paid advertising does, is preach to the converted.. (eg. think different) and remind people that sth/someone exists.. Nike, Apple

    PS. 4G, 20, 40, 60G..

    that’s a pretty gaping hole.. I dont know..

  5. so here we go again the zealots trying to make the idiots at Apple appear bright for having no iMacs or Emacs to sell? yeah thats genius. really genius when you look at these models and how they get spanked by $600 Pcs using the the fast P4 or Athlons. Apples hardware division has been floundering for the whole year,not enough pods, Xserves months delay,running out of Emacs and iMacs when there is no demand? yep genius or stupid shits……I prefer the Stupid ……!

  6. Spin,

    Thing is, people will wait for Apple products. If you start looking for a Mac and see one you want, you wait for it to become available.

    I’m quite happy at the moment with my 800Mhz iBook G4, but I’m sure when the new PowerBooks arrive I might be tempted…

    If Dell have no PC’s, you try HP. If HP have sold out you call Toshiba. If Toshiba have none, go to Sony. And so on and so forth.

    Just my $0.02

  7. Hey Mike,
    That’s a good observation, but if you notice, it gives the mini room for growth. I see minis coming in 4, 8, 15MB combinations. leaving the iPod to add on more features. Apple has been looking for a way to make $99 iPods. I see this happening in about a year from now with this strategy

  8. As far as the mini, Hitachi can’t even make enought 4GB drives at the moment. Any larger capacity drives are at least 6 months away. Perhaps Segate may be able to produce a larger capacity drive, but they are months away from their announced 4GB one. Also, I don’t believe that a single layer drive can have more then 5 or 6 GB. A double layer one would necessitate a thicker mini ipod.

  9. Nice spin, Spin. I think you are right WRT the fact that low eMac numbers and no iMacs are not a good thing, and not a result of a surge in demand for Mac consumer products, however, the ol’ $600 pc arguement is lame, and you know it. Nice try to induce an arguement, but it won’t work. Throw your bait elsewhere.

  10. Steve Jobs is on a one way train to Loserville. The guy just doesn’t know what’s going to hit him when Longhorn becomes available in 2020. Bill Gates is the hero, not Steve Jobs.

    I’ve just discovered an Easter Egg in my Preview version of Longhorn, Build 236645328.3. Because you have to have a minimum 25TB hard drive, searching can admittedly take a while. Microsoft have cleverly overcome this obstacle by having a movie of the great Steve Ballmer moonwalking while Longhorn searches for your document. I searched for Netsky and had to wait 5 minutes, but it was well worth it… until I opened Netsky. The pesky virus ran a script called ‘format c:’ and my data was destroyed. It’s a shame, I’d just spent 7 days converting my entire music collection from 128KB MP3 to 64KB AAC to 256KB WMV and was amazed at the result I got BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

  11. Speaking of iPods, here’s something that could be really useful for international travelers (from Time magazine):

    Found in Translation

    Searching for a bathroom in Tokyo, but don’t speak Japanese? You can stop flipping frantically through that Berlitz dictionary and fumbling with awkward pronunciations. An easier solution is now as close as your Apple iPod, thanks to a new set of foreign-language programs available from an online service at
    Talking Panda’s software can be downloaded into the iPod. It provides more than 300 commonly used phrases, which are instantly organized into categories such as “dining,” “shopping,” “emergency” and “making friends.” You can access the needed phrases in English using the touch-wheel scroll device and then clicking on the sentence you want. The translation appears on the screen and is also recited clearly through your headphones.
    Downloads are cheap-just $10 each-but so far language options are limited to French, Spanish and Japanese. And the software works only on new, third generation iPods using Mac OS X version 10.2 or later (a Windows version is promised soon).

  12. Well, now we are seeing the results of Apple spending the last year transforming itself from a computer to an iPod company…all product lines are suffering.

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