Windows or Mac?  If you had to choose just one, get a Mac

“‘I’m getting a computer for my daughter. She keeps using mine and messing it up,’ he said. Pause. ‘But she wants a Mac. And I want to get her a PC,’ he continued. Then silence, until I realized he was waiting for my thoughts (he knew I wrote these columns about computers, having for years noticed my constant incoming flood of test software and systems),” Phillip Robinson writes for Knight Ridder News.

“He finished, ‘Macs are more expensive, and all she wants to do, really, is e-mail and download music,'” Robinson writes. “‘Everyone I know who has a Mac loves it,’ I said. ‘And they’re great for music.'”

“‘But you use PCs, right?’ he asked. ‘I use everything,’ I said. ‘…[But,] if I had to get rid of all my computers but one, the Mac is the one I’d keep,'” Robinson writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Good advice.


  1. He does make a mistake in suggesting that Tiger’s already out when it may not be available for almost a year.

    I like how he’s essentially tolf this guy to get his daughter a mac, told him all the good reasons, but you get the impression that all the good advice will be ignored. But then the write is kicking himself for not mentioning security/viruses and stuff. I don’t recall reading about stability either. So he thinks he’s done enough to convince the guy WITHOUT mentioning the bad stuff. Pretty impressive.

    There are two sides to the same coin. Often we talk about why we WON’T use Windows. Other times we talk about why we DO use Macs. Put them both together and you have to wonder why the hell _anyone_ uses a PC.

  2. “Hey, on a Mac you can have lots of “computers” – just give her her own login, and forget it!”

    Exactly! And if Dad REALLY wants her to be able to use Windoze (probably for the co-miserating) then install Virtual Pee Sea; you get 2 operating systems in one enclosure, no need to shell out to Dell.

  3. How are you going to by a mac when apple wont have emacs and imacs for months? oh i guess she gets a laptop or powermac. Apple has screwed up yet again. amazing they can stay in business

  4. Hopefully, the girl wanting a Mac is an indication of the iPod “coolness” strategy starting to pay off. I think it is next to impossible to build marketshare with the older generations. People are way to resistant to change, even if it is for the better. The best way for Apple to get back marketshare is by turning the younger generations today to Apple and when they are old enough to buy their own computer, they will be far more likely to consider the Mac.

  5. If I had to spend 5 hours to fix my Mac I’d throw it away. No problems required that absurd amount of time. Either a glitch is gone in minutes or the puter is gone.

    I guess some people live by very low standards.

  6. I’m guessing that this father makes a nice salary.

    $20 x 5hrs = 2/5 of an iPod mini! (Or 40% if you don’t ‘do’ fractions!).

    But, ‘If saving money (read: buying a Dell) is the most important factor’…

    Or, if waiting for the ultimate excuse for not doing your job is the most important factor…

    Or, if spending time away from your family with the ultimate excuse is the most important factor…

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  7. Hey Spock,
    you gotta read your news more carefully. There’s no shortage of eMacs, just the iMac is being phased out. The way people have complained about it makes you wonder why everybody is in uproar now that it’s been discontinued.

  8. I am getting ready to do a complete re-install of XP on our child’s Dell due to all of the crud and stuff that was downloaded and implanted by malware and viruses.

    The machine is a mess !

    The child in question has no use for a Mac due to the use of M$ IM client. The youth of America rely on PC for Games and IM the 2 pieces of the puzzle that Mac’s fail at.

    Sure they may hate the mess of an OS but they will not give up their core apps.


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