Ballmer: Microsoft needs to avoid ‘big company ills’ if it wants to beat competitors

“Microsoft Corp. needs to avoid ‘big company ills’ if it wants to beat competitors and boost its long-stagnant stock price, chief executive Steve Ballmer told employees in an annual memo Tuesday,” The Associated Press reports. “In a Tuesday interview with The Associated Press, Ballmer said the world’s largest software company cannot be run like the startup it once was. But he added, ‘We have to avoid becoming a certain kind of big, process-bound bureaucracy.'”

“Such flexibility is especially important as Microsoft goes up against companies like Apple Computer Inc., whose iPod music player has become a hit while Microsoft has lagged in online music distribution,” AP reports. “In his memo, Ballmer said the company ‘must also work to change a number of customer perceptions,’ including that the security of its systems is not up to par. Microsoft has been plagued by attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in its software.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Memo to Ballmer: Too late.


  1. I have seen Longhaul and it is sad. It doesn’t even hold a candle to the original X Beta Release what, 4 years ago? And their ‘new’ file management solution – you just have to see it to see that it is a ticking time bomb for M$ and family.

    Oh well, guess they still have a future developing software for the Mac.

  2. How is this Mac news?

    As long as it feeds the righteous hate towards a company that:

    1: Stole the Apple interface and didn’t even make a decent copy.

    2: Produces the world’s most horrorific software.

    3: Ignores standards and fair buisness practices.

    4: Excerts a monopolipic stranglehold on everything it touches.

    5: Stiffles innovation and makes people suffer.

    6: Because it’s not Apple.

    7: Because John Scully sold out to Bill Gates

    8: Because of viruses, trojans, pop-up keystroke loggers

    9: Because most of our money is in banks run by security vunerable M$ software.

    10: Because Billy Gates is a worthless piece of *$%)* and never equal Steve Jobs in talent, vision or expertise.

    11: Because Billy Gates is slimeball.

    12: Because M$ represents the oppressive corporation, who turn humans into robots.

    Is that enough?

    Now go away!

  3. I got something for you Mac heads.

    You know why the next version of Windows is codenamed “Longhorn”

    Because we are Microsoft and our customers are nothing but cattle.

    Only a dumb cow would use our products.


  4. The sad thing is that most PC users will be excited about Longnose and buy it no matter how bad M$ public image is, because they’ve never seen or cared to see anything else. When they sample OS X they’ll say “oh, it’s similar to Windows”. How many of them have had a realworld Mac experience? That’s where Apple fails. Where’re the advertisments, the presence in the media? All we hear is iPod. (It’s cool, though.) Maybe it’s a long run strategy to lure consumers to the Mac via iPod. How many have switched because of it? Why, if iTunes works fine on the PC?

  5. Yes macheads its me. Let me tell you this, CEO Ballmer is going to stink up macland & then ram his Longhorn into everyone of you macheads. This is your future & I cant wait.

  6. Thanks for the entertainment Windowsman — loved it!

    Ballmer said the company ‘must also work to change a number of customer perceptions,’ including that the security of its systems is not up to par.

    That’s right… change their perceptions rather than fix the security holes.

    Also this [dunno where the link came from]: Ballmer: Microsoft needs better sales pitch:

    Ballmer also pointed to the company’s “Get the Facts” campaign, which uses third-party studies to show Windows cost-competitiveness, as a model for the rest of the company.

    “We are effectively using independent studies by Forrester Research, the Yankee Group, IDC, Giga, Bearing Point and many others to change perceptions of the advantages of Windows over Linux when it comes to Total Cost of Ownership, functionality and productivity advantages, support and security.”

    So let’s see, M$ pays consultants for “independent studies” to make customers perceive that Windows is better than Linux. Works like this: “Find out how we can say Windows is better than Linux” [if you want to get paid] — in short: FUD. Watch that word “independent” — the nuance could mislead you.

    Note that he didn’t mention the purpose was to find out how to compete more effectively against Linux.

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