Apple passes 1.5 million songs sold via ‘Euro’ iTunes Music Stores

“Apple Computers’ iTunes Music Stores in the United Kingdom, France and Germany have lost little sales momentum in their second week of operations. The services have registered more than 1.5 million combined download sales since launching June 15, the computer giant claims. Apple has not released details on the best-selling titles in the markets,” Lars Brandle reports for Billboard Bulletin.

“The European download services made a big splash in their debut week, shifting 800,000 songs in total. Comparatively, it took Apple just seven days to sell 1 million songs in the United States when it introduced the iTunes Music Store for Macintosh computers there in April 2003,” Brandle reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, how’s Scotty Blum doing with his “goal of a million downloads a day?” If this news doesn’t cause Mr. Blum to “Get Loaded,” nothing will.

And no, we never forget.


  1. And I thought it was only greedly little me that was missing the free song. I set up an iCal reminder thanks to a suggestion in this forum. When I looked for it today…nada!

  2. ye apple does need more songs and another good point WHERE IS THE IPOD MINI?????? WE WHANT IT AND WE WHANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! the only reason why i havent bought an iPod yet is because i am waiting for a mini and then compare them!!

  3. Blame the labels and artists if there are no free songs on the European sites. They have to agree to such a deal. By the way, did you know that Apple is doing business out of Luxemburg, which means lower taxes on the downloads people pay in the UK, Germany and France.

  4. About —

    OMG – that is thee worst possible music experience that I can think of – for online. Honeslty. I went there (in Safari) I think I had to turn something off in my perefnces to get there from a Mac. Anyways, once I was there, there were really no selections showing, so I hit MORE, and the screen had to reload and all this time was wasted. then I did a search for Metallica – and to my surprize, they were listed, but only the whole album, that’s why they are not on itunes – can’t just buy the singles. Anyways, I could get a sample listen, so when I clicked on that I was now downloading a WMP file. Once that was Dled – I had to open that up from my desktop which open up WMP, and then I could listen to the song – 30 secs of it. If I wanted more samples, or to DL the song, go back into your browser and do the same thing. I, of course, never bought anything, but I can only imagine what that experience would be like…

    iTunes Rocks.

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