InfoWorld: Apple’s Mac OS X ‘will trounce Linux, give Microsoft a fast-moving target for Longhorn’

“Apple is positioning the Mac client platform — primarily OS X running on PowerBooks — as a one-stop productivity and connectivity environment. I can sum up the impact of the Mac client platform on my daily work in one sentence: I no longer jump between my notebook and my desktop. Even when I was a devotee of Windows, I was never able to turn a Windows notebook into my primary living quarters. If I never wrote a line of code or edited one frame of video, I


  1. Only one article today? Talk about slow news day.

    This is good. PC & IT oriented publications publish more and more positive articles on Macs. IT people should take notice after a while.

  2. What is this “low heat” he speaks of? If my 1.25GHz G4 is as scorching as it is, what’s life going to be like on a PB G5?

    All his other points are right on. Of course, we know that. It’s just good to see our point of view recognized in the main stream PC press.

  3. other laptops get hot too, its not a mac thing.

    i like my ibook better, the plastic doesn’t feel the same as the hot metal powerbooks i don’t think.

  4. Well I havent cooked on my PB yet, but I accept this drawback because of enjoyment of use and productivity. And I think Apple is really fighting hard to cool the PB G5 or else they wouldnt be putting the technology to use in the G5 towers now. How will that look to the tech media and consumers, a 64 bit labtop thats as cool as a rock in a stream and only an inch thin. Oh hell yes Apple. Stun us with your know how.

  5. Powerbook G5’s will be liquid cooled, just like the new iMac line will be.

    They would have come out faster, in one failed swooop, but they are having durability and leak problems, especially with the proto-laptops.

    As you may or may not know, the processors are etched with micro-grooves for the liquid to flow through, this increases the failure rate (silicon is brittle) and reduces IBM’s responsibility. IBM isn’t happy a perfectly good chip gets ruined by the “grove-move” process.

    Steve doesn’t want a ton of recalls and “like iBook” display problems, so he’s got a long term slow scheduale that will be hard to predict. First the new iMac line, then Powerbooks.

    Steve knows the G5 Powerbook demand will be great, it’s his second best seller next to the PowerMac line. Although he has been getting a huge request for G5 X-serves and clusers, flooded actually, ever since the ARMY cluster got press.

    Fold On it helps Apple more than you know.

  6. I can vouch for productivity increases with OS X. I’m much more productive in OS X than I am in Windows 2000. And I really don’t like Windows XP.

  7. …But mark my words: OS X will trounce Linux on the desktop (notebooks are a given) and give Microsoft a fast-moving target for Longhorn,” Yager writes.

    There’s no real fight against Linux, so no need to fabricate one.

    It’s all about Unix/Linux versus Windows!

  8. DudeMac,
    I concur; it seems to me that OS X and Linux could do a great deal to further each other. OS X on the desktop and Linux/BSD on commodity x86 backends sounds like a winner to me. No disrespect intended to MacOS X server of course, but Linux is the buzzword du jour, and until enterprise types start to take a serious look at Apple’s server offerings, they could do much worse than to consider Linux or BSD on their existing equipment. Which is why I’m pleased that the recent developments with Xserve clusters are causing people to take note of what Apple is doing on that front.

  9. I think currently any interoperability between OS X and Linux is a good thing
    against the screen of death alternative. Later, when they really become competitors, then compete. But for now, joining forces is the best for both.
    In WWII, the US supported Russia against Germany, even though Stalin also abused and killed his people, but it turned out to be the right choice and the lesser of two evils for the long run. Apple and Linux=UNIX and this makes WinSin shudder.
    Did ya’ll read that Sun has purchased Watson…wonder what Apple has up its sleeve with little-mentioned dust-collecting Sherlock. Apple has mucho time to beef and/or add to the iapps by the time Tiger ships. Should be an awesome package if Core Image and Core Video are integrated into iPhoto, iMove, and iDVD…and as Stevie said in the keynote, integration into the next Photoshop. Drool Billy Drool.

  10. I would love for OS X and my PowerBook to be my only computer, but it won’t happen unless I can convince my clients to switch from AutoCAD or convince AutoDesk to make an OS X native version.

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