Apple shares plummet in after-hours trading on iMac delay news

“Apple Computer shares fell 6 percent in Thursday’s after-hours trading session after the company said it was delaying its new iMac until September, missing the important back-to-school shopping season. Apple (AAPL) also said it had stopped taking orders for the current iMac models,” CBS MarketWatch reports. “Shares of the computer maker fell to $30.40 in late trade, down $1.90.”

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  1. Buy a bloody eMac, they are a solid workhorse for schoolies, and are cheap to boot! Plus kids are prone to damaging iMacs, whereas eMacs are little nuggets.

  2. Quite a blunder on Apple’s part I must say.

    Hopefully they’ll introduce a new cool iMac at a killer price – that way they will triple their sales for the Christmas shopping season ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. I wanted it to fall more. this sucks. “Plummet” …MY ASS!

    the more it falls, the more you buy ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    buy low, sell high.

  4. It was always going to correct after the WWDC runup. “Plummet” would be to the 28’s level and it might do that anyway. A weak quarter is a given; investors should already be thinking about the fourth quarter when demand will be high and supply problems solved. Traders (good ones at least) should be out already and watching for the next good entry point.

    If it stays above 30 or takes a few days to get to 28 there’s no way you could say “plummet.”

  5. As I put in another post, I am a Head of IT in a school. We have 100 iBooks, 10eMacs, 15 G3 iMacs and, wait for it,….. 1 G4 iMac.

    Schools do not buy large numbers of iMacs.

  6. Attention people – they are not referring to the school buying market, but the STUDENT buying market. Students would have loved the new iMac for going back to college with.

    A real blunder on the part of Apple…again.
    They just can not deliver product on time when needed.
    Some heads should roll, asses kicked, bonuses lost.

    Has Apple ever been able to meet a deadline or deliver in a crucial market time?

    Next we will hear about the delay in the mini iPod…again.

  7. What’s all this whining about delays? Better do it *right* the first time than rushing to do a half-ass job and then cleaning up your sh*t. (Look at Windoze… hello!)

    If Apple needs to take its sweet-ass time to do something right, let ’em do it!

    Take a chill pill, buddy.

  8. I’m with Gambit – this is so typical of the “one quarter” short-term, carpetbagger mentality that marrs investment nowadays.

    Nobody sees the bigger picture, which is that Apple obviously has a product that is going to be launched at the Paris shindig (damn those Frenchies), or that it is likely to be the first mainstream 64-bit capable consumer computer (try saying that three time quickly).

    No – all these carpetbagging sonsofbitches care about is whether Apple sells a measly 100,000 units of a product which – whilst not dead – is coughing up blood and has a priest standing by to administer the last rites.

    Just one crotchety old man’s opinion!

  9. Yes! the eMac is a good, cheap, and strong alternative for youngsters and seniors too . But it remains a strange policy from Apple .. a blame !
    Why, to keep the curiousity and expectations high !?

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