iDive for Mac OS X promises to do for DV what iPhoto did for digital photos

A new Mac OS X application just released is set to redefine the standards in managing digital video (DV) clips. This new product called iDive? offers amateur and semi-professional users a robust on-screen digital video shoebox to store clips and still images. The application includes truly innovative tools that make navigation both easy and fast, regardless of the number of clips being stored. Power previewing, customizable views, ?drag & drop? attribute tagging and a timeline display turn any assortment of disorganised tapes into an instantly accessible library of digital video that can be enjoyed at any time.

Designed to sit alongside DV editing applications, iDive promises to eliminate the frustration and time-wasting in locating and viewing clips hidden amongst hours of footage, by simplifying visualisation, tagging, storage, organisation and retrieval of digital video clips and photos.

The developer is offering a special launch price of $49.95 USD which applies to single user licence of iDive and to the first 250 units sold. The normal price is $69.95 USD. Offer expires July 30, 2004.

More info and download link here.


  1. I was hoping this would be some form of iPod casing for listening to music whilst scuba diving ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. iDive … weird name. To many i’s already … iMac, iPod, iLife, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iDrive, iEat, iSleep, i, i, i, caramba!

    How about the humble letter “u” for a change, eh?

    uListen, uPlay, uWrite, uDrive, uMac, u-make-e-da-movie, u-no-make-a-da-movie, i don’ givachit wat uDo, fukU, scru-U….

    O? OhLife! OhPod! OhMac! double-O-seven, OhDaalingk, OhhhMamaa, Ohchit, iWrite too much.

    Y? Too easy.

  3. Jeff.. completely agree with you.

    iDive is setting themseleves up to be heart broken – when Apple releases something similar into iLife. Which to me, would be a fairly logical next step for Apple to take.. they have iLife apps to manage just about every kind of digital media, except for the storage of video…

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