Apple’s Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Dashboard’ stock ticker graphic shows AAPL up, MSFT down

Apple’s upcoming major new version of Mac OS X, version 10.4 ‘Tiger,’ includes a new feature called Dashboard. The Dashboard is a semi-transparent layer that zooms across your Desktop with a single button click, similar to the way Expos


  1. Why does Apple have to steal some of the most innovative technologies created by small outfits that can’t defend their products rather than buying the rights to use them? Konfabulator and Watson are the big ones, but it does not put Apple on the moral high ground.

    Open source is good and Apple has embraced it when it suites them (or Him). When Apple sees an opportunity to “innovate” a technology developed and proven by someone else they take it when they can. What gives?! I wonder what other ideas Apple has stolen without apology. Is Apple just like M$ but will a more coherent vision?

    Flame away.

  2. Did anyone notice that Pixar is also way up in that graphic?

    btw – Dashboard is NOT Konfabulator and is NOT stolen from Konfabulator. Like Konfabulator, Dashboard is an update to the old Desktop Accessories. But, it goes way beyond Konfab, in that the Konfab widgets are limted to being Java applets, whereas Dashboard is HTML based, and therefore uses the entire range of web core technologies built into OSX.

    Everyone should stop bashing Apple for reinventing an idea that was originally theirs (one that Konfabulator stole from Apple, not the other way around). And the people over at Konfabulator should stop whining and concentrate on making their software stable and usable.

  3. Um, I noticed this the other day. Why the big lag? Did it take MDN this long to catch on? Geez, I thought you folks were mac fanatics? I guess not so much…

  4. Seriously, Konfabulator sucks. If Apple can get it right then kudos to them. However, to compete fairly they should sell it as a boxed product. Including it in the OS basically nullifies Konfabulator which is a bit underhanded. Even if Apples version of widgets suck it will win(already has) by default. This smacks of MicroShaft/Netscrape.

  5. Apple’s stock is down after the keynote – because some investment jerkoffs predicted the G4 iMac. (And because other ignorant fools believed them.)

  6. James, we’ll stop whining about Apple’s anticompetetive behavior to Konfab when the rest of the Mac community stops whining about Microsofts anticompetetive behavior, hypocrite.

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