Apple CEO Steve Jobs hints at new iMac debut on August 31 at Apple Expo in Paris

During Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote presentation, where he demoed Spotlight, Mac OS X 10.4’s new system-wide metadata search engine technology, Jobs used the Finder’s search box to search for the term “iMac” starting at 45:31 in the QuickTime stream of the WWDC Keynote. Immediately thereafter, Jobs demoed Address Book’s use of “Spotlight” technology and used it to search for “Paris” starting at 46:52 and then used the term “birthday” to create a “Smart Group” in Address Book.

So, that’s it, it’s official: iMac’s birthday will be in Paris! Which, of course, means the Keynote 2004 presentation for Apple Expo 2004 Paris, on Tuesday, August 31 at 10:00 a.m.

Is Steve Jobs slyly dropping iMac debut hints during his WWDC keynote presentation? Watch it via QuickTime here. Or do you think Steve just picked these search terms at random?

[Thanks to MDN reader MK, wasting his/her time emailing us while supposedly attending Hahvahd, who found this tidbit buried in a SpyMac forum here.]


  1. hey hey, that’s actually pretty good. i don’t whether to think that’s reading too much into it or if it’s just an ingenious observation (I think it’s the lattar)

  2. An August 31st introduction would be too late for the back to school season, they need to get it out by the end of July really. Unfortunately it’ll probably end up being the end of August and delivery in September though. 🙁

  3. Oh no! Steve is Nostradamus? I was born in Paris and that’s my birthday! The time is right too… halfway out at 9:30; back in at 0945; head out at 0955; slapped in the ass at 1000 (still have the mark).

    iMac — I want it yesterday. I’ll settle for July. Not end of August. If no word in two weeks it’s eBay for me.

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