Silicon Valley: Apple CEO Steve Jobs previews ‘Longhorn’

“The fifth major revision of Mac OS X won’t arrive at market until the first half of next year (talk about a vague shipping date), but when it does, it will


  1. I think Spotlight is a great concept. For me, this alone is worth the price of Tiger.

    Apparently, Spotlight can allow searched by Time/Date, Image, Movie, Test, Music, Document, Presentation, Folder, Application, and Other.

    What other search criteria are available? How many indvidual search criteria can be used for one search selection? Can I select muliple “Application”, “Drive”. etc.? Can I search by metadata criteria alone?

    I want to be able to predetermine the search criteria before running the search. I do not want to be constantly pressing the “Add” feature to limit the search returns from 75 plus items to the 2 or 3 that I can use.

    For example, can I specify PDF files and Quicktime files; with text “PPC”, “dual” and”G5″; for “December 2003”, “25-30 May 2004”, on “External Drive One” and “DVD Drive”, last viewed “June 2004” and “04-08 May 2004”.

    If I typically use a specific search or searches can Tiger allow me to pre-set a given template for searches? That is, can I use Automator with Spotlight? Or, is this what the smart folder thing is for? Can I run several searches at 2100 Friday night and wake up Saturday at 0800 and review these searches? Can I run these searches daily to provide me with a continuously updated search folders so I do not have to enter the same input data all the time?

    Can I capture iChat video conferences for historical reference?

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