Silicon Valley: Apple CEO Steve Jobs previews ‘Longhorn’

“The fifth major revision of Mac OS X won’t arrive at market until the first half of next year (talk about a vague shipping date), but when it does, it will


  1. Steve made a point of mentioning a meal he shared with Bill G. recently (at All things Digital, in SD methinks) and reminded the audience of the cozy relationship the two companies share. While Steve’s copycat comments may grate at Bill, there isn’t much he can say – it’s so obviously true. But Bill rests with the knowledge that he’ll be the one to rake in the big $$$, while Steve will have to settle for innovator.

  2. Sorry I haven’t posted, Chilli and I just got home from a long walk. In our relationship, Chilli rests with the knowlege that he’ll be the one to take in the big $$$, while I will just have to settle.

  3. I fail to see how “The first half of 2005” is “vague” compared to Microsoft’s “2004, no, 2005, or, well, maybe 2007 or 2008, well, definitely no later than 2009, no, wait, 2006, really, we mean it” shipping date for Longhorn.

  4. Yes macheads in macland “The Chill” is back. Whats the matter guys you all star-struck by seeing Steve “God” Jobs on your computer screens. Its so boring in here. I got something to cheer you all up, its been around awhile but its still great. Check it out:

  5. Urgh! To anyone who hasn’t watched that video yet, do yourself a favour and skip it. Use the time you save to do something more productive, like stare out of the window or try and stick pencils up your nose.

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