Apple debuts new 30-inch Cinema HD Flat Display, features 2560-by-1600 pixel resolution

Apple today unveiled a new family of widescreen flat panel displays featuring the 30-inch Apple Cinema HD display, a professional-quality, wide-format active-matrix LCD with 2560-by-1600 pixel resolution


  1. Isn’t $A 6,999 what the 22-inch Cinema Screen cost in Oz when it was first released [no ‘special’ card req’d for that]? Late adopters pay the same for more or less for the same.

  2. DavidQ wrote:

    > I see there’s still no height adjustment then.

    Just attach the display to a height-adjustable VESA-standard mount then…

    > I would also have liked to see individual RGB colour adjustment controls.

    These LCD panels use a white — i.e. balanced RGB — cold cathode tube backlight system, instead e.g. of three independently-adjustable RGB LED-based backlights.
    To maintain overall colour consistency, adjustments are best done in the digital domain on the Mac itself, using e.g. colour management software, device profiles and a calibration probe.

  3. Thanks Sal,

    I already have a 20″ cinema display and I use a Calibration device to create a profile as you suggest. But sometimes I find that it would still be useful to ‘tweak’ the settings after calibration becuase the image on screen still doesn’t quite match the printed sample supplied with the calibrator. I know I’m splitting hairs a little here as you can probably never achieve a perfect match between print and screen, but why do so many other manufacturers include this capability?

  4. Pre-empting trolls.
    In case they start guffawing and ignorantly claiming that the new 30″ requires 2 DVI ports to run. Here’s the correct info.: the new 30 inch display requires a dual-link DVI port which to date is supplied by the new nVidia 6800 card, In turn this card has 2 double-link ports thus allowing a one to use 2 displays. Regular cards have single-link DVI ports and these don’t have signal to provide the 30 inch display all that it needs.

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