Apple takes dead aim at Microsoft, ‘Longhorn’ with WWDC Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ ads

“At its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has taken a rather large shot at Microsoft’s Longhorn, the next major release of Windows. In its boldest move to date, Apple is displaying several banners for Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” at the Moscone Center in San Francisco that make it quite clear the company’s feelings toward Microsoft and the software giant’s upcoming operating system,” MacMinute reports.

Full article and photos of the banners which display the Tiger logo and include phrases such as, “Introducing Longhorn,” “Redmond, start your photocopiers,” “This should keep Redmond busy,” and “Redmond, we have a problem,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: Moo.



    All we need is Apple to launch it’s ‘office’ killer app that inter-connects with the ilife suite and I can finally get rid of the only virus on my Mas – MICROSOFT OFFICE!

    Keep it up Apple! – Even Windows Users hate Microsoft!

  2. Matt, yes I think you are right… very subtle. I think Apple are raising the stakes if they are attacking Microsoft so directly!
    Thanks for the insight

  3. in a way, this signifies the mind-set of many mac users and steve jobs alike: bold. we decide to make our own choices and at some point the microscheisse biased media and pc users by the dozen will eventually become targets of our aggression. i myself take pop-shots at microscheiss’ all the time, but it does seem a little odd for a corporation like apple take this approach. i happen to like it. perhapes it has preaching to it’s base crowd, but we all know that apple’s advertising strategy (not the company, mind you) has been a little flaccide, leaving apple’s imagine like, as robin williams once put it, ‘midget in a diving suit.’ for once they’ve been aggressive in promoting the operating system, which has always been the ‘real’ basis of our macintosh experience – not the pretty boxes they come in (which seems to be so glorified by the apple ads).

  4. does anybody have a mirror of those pics ?
    [The photos originally posted with this report have been removed at the photographer’s request.]

    photographer got cold feet ?

  5. Hey Sputnik, how can the “real IT world” be laughing their asses off when they are too scared to log onto the Internet for fear of getting yet another virus?

  6. re: stringbean / “Redmond, we have a problem”

    Think of this not as Apple calling Redmond, but as someone from MS calling back to Redmond from the WWDC.

  7. Apple and MS are cooperating within certain segments (like office software) and competing head on within others. It is quite a normal situation for cooperate giants.

    The only thing that is unusual is that normally I don’t think any other companies that need to cooperate with MS would challenge them in such a provocative way.

    Actually Apple’s message is not directed at MS but toward the press: What Longhorn is promising to offer in 2006 OSX is offering today – and they want to make sure that every journalist gets the point … and remembers it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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